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    Gentlemen, when I started coming to this forum , I thought we will have some critical analysis, intelligent discussion, of the problems facing Pakistan and India in terms their relationships with each other and the rest of the world.

    I had hoped that here, most of the desis are in the USA, well educated, well read and can see the subcontinent from outside in an objective manner. I was looking forward to innovative solutions to entrenched problems.

    Unfortunately, I notice that very quickly the discussion becomes a verbal match in name calling. Its great to be patriotic but the most patriotic act is realisitc evaluation of our own situation.

    I believe most of the participants in these discussions are possibly future leaders and opinion makers and shakers of both India and Pakistan.

    If we, on the internet, can so quickly come to abusive language, can we imagine what could happen, if some of our participants had their finger on the nuclear trigger of India or Pakistan???

    Just something to think about...

    I think one thing that could help this forum (not for general or caffe or other fun forums) is a 2 hr. gap between posting of message and when it actually appears. it can reduce a lot of garbage andd repetition. otherwise how often u see two people sysing the same thing for 22 messages that they could have finished in 2 (see for example thread on US flag burning in World affairs) O thing this 2 hr. gap will help signal to noise ratio quite a bit.


      i would like to know what mods think about two hr. gap suggestion which i believe, will improve quality of discussion, tough might reduce number of hits per page (or u could merge kashmir and pak affairs \or kashmir and world affairs depending on whether u believe kashmir to be part of world or of pak) and have an online politics forum) 2 hr gap will reduce many replies which are mainly repetitive and flame baits have a betr chance to be ignored.


        I think zz should have waited 2 hours b4 posting the first one, by that he would have had only one post. Just kidding...

        Anyway, I fully agree with ZZ, noise posts could be reduced.

        Another thing, but an important one.

        After coming to this forum, you guys have already convinced all of us, that all HINDOOS of India hate muslims, and democracy of India is a joke, Indian economy is reeling with cancer, Indians lost all the wars and will be beaten by Pakistan in all the wars in future, Musharaf won in this visit, oh I forgot chinese are a superior race, Indian science belongs to an era before the invention of wheel, etc. etc. etc...

        But instead of bringing every thread on earth (including ones titled "Homosexuality in cockroaches") to the above topics, I think we should try and stick to the topic, so that we will have a better discussion.

        And mods, in addition to the great job they are already doing, can help us with this!


          Interesting idea ZZ, its not only possible we'll have this ability in our next release Insha Allah. But this also means that mod's will okay any new post, do you guys think that's okay for political fora?

          Ppl will start complaining about Mods and Admin being biased in no time, so what would members do in case a mod really is biased?

          As for merging Kashmir with anything else - it's okay to have a low traffic section as long as the discussions are good.

          Kumar as long as ppl keep reacting to such posts they wont stop. No mod can successfully control a discussion (unless they're forced to dictate) till members participating in the discussion don't help. So it's really up to you guys.



            This is very personal dear Sabah,

            Can you pls tell me the made in of your censor scissors?


              no.. i am not talking of censor or mods OK every post or like. just delay or if it is technically difficult. entire forum remains frozen for two hours and all the posts during that time appear after two hours.


                Gentlemen, If I remember correctly, I started this thread in "Pakistan Affairs" because I saw the most name calling over there. Now I find that it has been moved to "world affairs" Am I mistaken? Im getting senile I know. But ZZ please tell me what happened. HOw did it get moved and no mention of it anywhere.



                  Our apologies.

                  This thread was in Pakistan Affairs, and was inadvertently transferred to this forum. As you originally posted the thread there I will transfer it back.

                  But members are welcome to discuss whatever they feel is relevant to this debate.


                    Bohut Bohut shukria Mursalin Bhai. No harm done. Im happy ke meri yaad dasht abhi theek hai .