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Moscow mission To push Pak. as Proxy of India

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    Moscow mission To push Pak. as Proxy of India

    Not much is expected in terms of any breakthough in the forth coming talk between India & Pakistan.

    That doesnt mean both sides dont stand to gain by show of willing to talk for peace ,thereby easing the sanction of the west which BOTH country wants to AVOID
    AS evidenced by this moscow copnnection,India probnably EXPECTS the covert activities of mujahdeen ,by no insistring in its stoppage as a precondition.
    India onits own would not give up its hegemonby of Forcing Pakistan into isolation all the while talking peace ,friendship ,relationship!!



    New Delhi, June 17:
    Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s peace summit proposal to Pervez Musharraf has not deterred India from its efforts to isolate Pakistan internationally.
    Delhi is sending two high-level teams to Moscow next week to discuss with the Russian leadership the security situation in the region and developments in Afghanistan. The talks will centre on Pakistan, which is considered to be the main backer of the Taliban and has been helping it after the United Nations imposed sanctions on it early this year.

    The first delegation, headed by additional secretary (UN) in the foreign ministry T.C.A. Rangachari, will reach Moscow on Wednesday to participate in the first bilateral meeting on strategic security. Within days, foreign secretary Chokila Iyer will fly out for the second round of talks of the Joint Working Group on Afghanistan.

    The move will help India stem allegations both at home and outside that it was leaning heavily towards the Americans, particularly after Delhi welcomed President George W. Bush’s controversial National Missile Defence proposal.

    By the flurry of activity between Delhi and Moscow, which started with foreign and defence minister Jaswant Singh’s visit to Russia early this month, South Block is trying to send out the signal that it continues to be as close to its former ally as before. Moreover, through the Russians, who have a dialogue with the Americans on Afghanistan, it not only gets to know Washington’s perception of the situation in Kabul, but can continue its efforts to isolate the Taliban and, thus, put pressure on Pakistan.

    The Moscow meetings come in the wake of the recent Shanghai Forum summit. Russia, China, Kyrgystan, Kazakhstan, Tajikstan and Uzbekistan are the members of this elite group, which is fast turning into a serious forum for cooperation on security and economic matters in the region. Most of the members, along with India and America, had sponsored the UN resolution calling for sanctions and an arms embargo on the Taliban.

    India and Russia face a common threat from the Islamic fundamentalist groups trained and supported by the Taliban. It has found support from China, a traditional ally of Pakistan, and the central Asian republics.

    Two developments at the Shanghai Forum have warmed India’s heart. One, the resolve of the members to jointly fight the threat of terrorism, specially that which emanates from Afghanistan and, two, the group’s refusal to allow Pakistan into the forum.

    Islamabad, desperate to establish itself as a major player in the region, has been trying for the past few years to get into the Shanghai Forum. But in the absence of a consensus among the members, its entry seems to have been put off for at least a year.

    A recent report of the UN Security Council, reviewing the sanctions on the Taliban, has observed that the student-militia continues to receive material and arms support from Pakistan to carry on its fight against rivals, mainly the Northern Alliance. It was also sceptical about the Taliban’s claim that opium production in the country has gone down following strict measures adopted by it.

    By isolating the Taliban and encouraging the Northern Alliance to keep up the resistance, India hopes that it will draw the Kabul regime’s fire and keep it from concentrating on Kashmir. Also, the pariah status of the Taliban will continue to exert pressure on Pakistan.

    India’s efforts clearly indicate that Delhi will exert diplomatic pressure and use its negotiating skills to convince Islamabad that violence in Kashmir will not pave the way for normalisation of relations between the two south Asian neighbours.


    aarazuu jurma vafaa jurma tamannaa hai gunaaha ye vo duniyaa hai jahaa.N pyaar na....

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