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    Freedom of the Press

    Is there freedom of the press in India and Pakistan. Please give examples to support your position.


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    What kind of a bore topic is that? Your name reminds me a beutiful song sung by Masoud Raana,

    "Tanhaa Kya Hamesha se Tanhaa hay zindagi"

    The music and tune is still playing in my ear. With that I am going to sleep.




      Pakistan has more freedom of press. I am working abroad and my job involves reading of newspapers of different countries. It is my firm belief Pakistani press is and in fact had always been more and more free compared to India.

      I am not prejudice. I feel I am honest and independent in my thoughts. It is my firm belief that there is no difference between india and Pakistan in any matter - some of us, we the Pakistanis, many time quote in India there is this and there is that good but fact is whatever is wrong in Pakistan same is happening in India too. India is no better from us in any term. Space and time does not allow but one day I am going to an article giving example both of Pakistan and India. For example if in Pakistan date of birth of a chief justice is a public debate, same date ofbirth is a topic in India. Corruption in india is on same level as in pakistan the only difference is in Pakistan press always keep crying and people come to know in India press cannot. Recently showed case of corruption. is too problem as governemnt is embarrasing it in so much the company has today no money to pay salary and is selling its shares int the market.


        I guess by the amount of critics in the pakistani press.
        We hav a very liberal and free press.
        But only now, is it truly free under military rule.
        Ironic isn't it??

        Our's not to reason why,
        Our's but to do and die:
        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          As CM has pointed out the Pakistani press has indeed gained much more freedom since General Musharraf assumed power. The Pakistani press along with the courts have been two institutions which have received unprecedented freedoms, which have forced or influenced the goverment to change its policies when needed. In fact the press and the courts have acted as a checks and balances system on the military-led government. Kudos to the Great CE.


            I guess , I did not state the question properly. The question I was asking was

            " Is there any interference by the government regarding waht is printed , published as books or newspapers and shown on TV and said on the radio. Does any one have to take government permission and approval to print, publish ,show on TV and speak on the Radio ??? """

            For example in the USA no permission is required. However if you write and publish a book, you have to send a copy to the Library of the Congress. So that it is always available to everyone. For this they give yo a number which you print in your book. NO books are banned in the USA.

            Are there any books banned in India and Pakistan.??

            I know this much that Rushdie's book was banned in India. I suppose it must have been banned in Pakistan too.

            So guys what is the situation about the press in India and Pakistan??


              Again another bunch of Pakis assume that they are better off than Indians!

              When Paki army ventured into Kargil and tried to blackmail the world with nuclear weapons, Indian govt. blocked the access to They did not however ban the newspaper sales. So many Indian newspapers rallied behind and pooh poohed the Indian govt and the govt had to remove the ban within 72 hours. Dawn formally thanked these newspapers later.

              In Pakistan, even during peace times, Indian newspapers, magazines are not allowed. They are seized at the airport, if you try to take it with you. I have heard many horror stories from my friends trying to do that.

              Indian media is much more autonmous and diversified, and is filled with healthy competition, unlike Pakistani where the govt. tv is a monopoly. Just only recently govt, has even started to think of opening up this sector (hopefully, Islamic mullahs would permit it).

              Another interesting observation. In India, a couple of times a year you see a politician slapping a reporter or a policeman beating him up and things like that. Never in India's history (TBOMK) a newspaper/magazines building and office was ransacked and burnt by a political party like they did recently in Pakistan.

              When Jang came online, during its intital baby years on the internet, it used the web to call people to join the newspaper's fight against the government harassment. (From Nawaz sharif) They had a whole section for about 1.5 years on how they are being harassed and how public can act. Have you ever seen an Indian newspaper or site like that?

              I am not claiming India is a paradise for journalists, it should improve a lot more like the west, but Pakistanis should stop dreaming that their newspapers are free in reporting whatever they want.

              Hey, here is the icing. Can anybody dream of pulling off a tehelka in your country? and even then when BJP tried to ask for accounts from Tehelka (to see if ISI was involved), didn't you see how everybody criticised BJP?

              Press is alway more free in a democracy than a dictatorship! Period!