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    This is it people

    I finally found the link for the CE's speech.
    It is recorded in RealPlayer format with video at:

    Now you can hear the CE for yourselves when he emphasizes the geostrategic leadership role of Pakistan, including the assertion that Pakistan is intellectually most superior in the Ummah.

    Pervez Musharraf's whole speech is 45:37 minutes long.

    If you want to verify my claim about the CE mentioning Pakistan's geostrategic superiority and intellectual superiority:

    Seek your Realplayer to 37:55 minutes for the beginning of the part where he emphasizes Pakistan's superiority role in the Ummah.

    Then comes the intellectual superiority part.
    A few moments later, at exactly 38:52 minutes in the speech, he says:

    "hum sub se INT..."

    meaning: "we are the most INT..."

    He meant to say "intelligent", but he then changes his words in order to not seem like bragging...
    The "INT" sound is very clear, and at the same time he gestures and points towards his brain to make the meaning clearer.

    It is very obvious that he meant to say "intelligent" or "intellectual".

    He then breaks off, changing his words, carrying on the same geostrategic leadership subject.

    Enjoy listening!

    the link is

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    I've also put a sound clip of the CE's speech in WAV format on the Web, that covers that part of his speech where he speaks of Pakistan's geostrategic role I mentioned.

    This is available at

    click to immediately download and save to your hard disk.


      Thank you Alizadeh for your efforts.

      I heard Musharaff's speech from beginning to the end (all 45 minutes of it).
      I must say, I am quite impressed with the man.
      It takes guts for the leader of any country to honestly admit bitter truths like he did when he repeatedly emphasized - "Hum kamzor hain". He came across as a man who is extremely sincere and one who has no misplaced notions about Pakistan. Having said that.. the fact that he is not a politician but an army general was very evident from his speech. Its easy to drive home inconvenient truths when you are the undisputed chief of the state. While heads of multi-party coalitions like Atal Behari Vajpayee will always have to do balancing acts and end up making goodie-goodie speeches. Besides I also loved Musharaff's Punjabi accent (Man it's so very similiar to the one on this side of the border)!!.But I can assure you, Mushraff's speech was not impromptu.. he seemed to have come fully prepared for it (like he had all the GDP and PhD figures memorized...).

      Also, having heard the entire speech, I did not think the Indian media misinterpreted it in any way.It was almost like what I had thought it would be after reading about it.


        Thanks alot for the links.
        Listen to it when i get home.

        Our's not to reason why,
        Our's but to do and die:
        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          I watched the speech yesterday on Prime TV. He said many things and I dont want to repeat them but two points I have noticed

          1-It was Eid Milad Udun Nabi Conference and I noticed that out of all the audiance sitting very few people said "SALAH LAHO ALEHE WASLAM" when the Holy Prophet (SAW) name was said by speaker.

          2- During speech Gen. Musharraf said this to all that he knows that these parties and collecting money on the name of Jehad in Kashmir and put in in their own pockets.

          Now most of pakistan's who lived in pakistan and or been pakistan that know at ecah stop how many people jump on bus to colect money for mosque and for kashmir jehad etc.

          "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"


            Saw it on TV yesterday as well.
            He spoke well and everything he said was true.
            Plus he seems to be really pissed off with the sectarian stuff.
            This man will do a damn good job.

            Our's not to reason why,
            Our's but to do and die:
            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              The guy is on target specially about religious fanatics and economy.

              Nuclear power without sound economy mean nothing. Just look at USSR/Russia it can still destroy the planet several times over but is reduced to begging.