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"Dissolution of suspended assemblies likely in two months" huh?!

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    "Dissolution of suspended assemblies likely in two months" huh?!

    Did I mis something here? Anybody knows more about this issue? By the way this was taken out of

    By Fasihur Rehman Khan

    LAHORE: The military government is likely to announce dissolution of the suspended parliament and provincial assemblies within the coming two months, reliable sources told The News here on Wednesday.

    Circles close to the government have already taken the top politicians of the PML-Q (like-minded) into confidence over this development as well as time period of its implementation, it is learnt.

    "The decision to this effect has been conveyed to the top leadership of the PML-Q, which has been very vocal for revival of the suspended parliament since the October 1999 coup, but will have to accept it with heavy heart. They have also been told that the chief executive intends to take oath of the president of the country very soon under Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO)," a top official said.

    As a remedy of the political loss the PML-Q leaders think they would suffer as a result of this decision. They have demanded of the military government a large chunk of the district Nazim slots throughout the country.

    Sources said General Musharraf, in his meeting with PML-Q President Mian Mohammmad Azhar, had not committed anything definite about this demand, but the PML-Q top leadership is holding consultations to furnish these names after proper consultations at the party fora.

    The General, however, told him in categorical terms that the recommended people would be scrutinised by the NAB and other government agencies and only people with good repute would be given this important assignment of the district Nazims.

    Many of the PML-Q leaders have repeatedly offered the military government indemnity to all its actions since the coup, in return for the early revival. However, there has always been no clear word from the government side on the issue except some gestures, which were always interpreted by the PML-Q leaders to their own advantage.

    The party was able to attract majority of the suspended parliamentarians to its side, promising them revival of the parliament and a lion's share in the future set-up. At the moment, PML-Q is the only party supporting revival, while ARD components including PPP and PML-N are demanding fresh elections. Parties like ANP and JWP, which were part of the suspended parliament do favour revival but are also vocal in demanding fresh elections.

    Sources said top generals of the military have always been reluctant to give assemblies' revival a serious thought owing to the allegations of corruption and malpractice the military government levelled against the suspended parliamentarians since the coup. A majority of the people nabbed by the NAB includes politicians.

    There might be some factual basis, as the jang just doesn't make stuff up.
    But i can hardly believe that the military will discuss stuff with the political parties.
    There is a lot of spice in this, typical of the jang, and you can't really tell what is happening.
    We will have to wait and see i guess.
    But the military might do that before the elections to make a system more workable with the devolution plan.

    Our's not to reason why,
    Our's but to do and die:
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      The military government is likely to announce dissolution of the suspended parliament and provincial assemblies within the coming two months...

      That is after the Local Government Devolution Plan has been completed on 14 August I guess? Interesting move if true. I always thought the CE might delay the dissolution of the assemblies right to the last day i.e. Feb 2002 when their terms run out. Although this is yet more speculation as such on the CE's future moves, it does show that the CE may have rightly rejected bargaining with "like-minded" politicians like his military predecessors did. The ast military ruler who did that (Zia) gave us Nawaz Sharif.