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US agents in Pakistan

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    US agents in Pakistan

    i was reading today that in the newly opened secret state documents US has accepted what many long suspected that Mr shoaib, pakistans Finance Minister during ayubs time, was a CIA operative... some of his deeds for his masters
    1. effectively turned down army's request for weapons when india acquired $2Bn worth...
    2. provided inside details of cabinet meeting to US of A.
    3. blocked the purchase of cheap steel mills from Germany (with tx of tech)
    4. blocked the philips project to setup an IC fabrication plant (in late 60s!!!)
    5. opposed any moves towrds pak-china friendship proposed by bhutto, aziz ahmad and s.k.dehalvi.
    6. bhutto is belived to refer to him when he said blood thirsty wolves are after me.
    7. was made VP of World bank, the 1st person from 3rd world to do so..

    wonder how many shoaibs US has amongst pakistans top burecracy. do u know any?

    Whatever happened to a traitor like Mr Shoaib? We had more like him until recently i.e. Nawaz Sharif and he was was swiftly taken care of on the Night of Salvation - 12 October 1999.


      There will be always some traitors in our country and where they are who they are matter less; the most important thing is what damage they do to our country.

      For many years Muslims ignored the value of intelligence to outlook for any threat to nation. In contrast our enemies had manage to put a vast network of spies and puppets to support their cause.

      The fact is we have ignored the instruction from Holy Prophet (SAW) “Sharadon Peh Gore Bandho” that’s urdu translation but what it means is you should have watchers on borders to lookout for enemy. Now borders simply does not mean physical borders of country but outside country too.

      You just mention one traitors, I suspect there more traitors in our Pakistan from many different countries including India, Israel, US, UK, Germany etc who are working for these countries. Where they are and what they do, we don’t know exactly.

      Many Pakistanis don’t know but is fact that our enemies constantly monitor our police and army moments and they even monitor our air space for radio/CB conversations.

      We have to be very careful about who we call traitor because it possibl US is playing tricks with us.

      "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"

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        We have always had our fair share of traitors. That is how only 50,000 Britishers ruled 300 million Indians in the 1900's. Here is an extract that tell it all.

        "In 1857, Zeenat Mahal_played a most destructive role in sealing the fate of the “mutineers” and the Mughals. Zeenat Mahal was the youngest wife of the last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, and was aware that as long as elder princes lived, her own son stood no chance of ascending the throne. As it happens, Bahadur Shah supported her son Jiwan Bakht’s succession. But the British East India Company, also known as the “Company Bahadur”, was in financial control, and only supported the claims of the eldest sons. It was even contemplating the abolition of the title after the death of the reigning Badshah.
        In the Mutiny of 1857 (or War of Independence, depending on whether you’re a born-again colonialist or a politically-correct revisionist), Zeenat Mahal found common cause with the English. In exchange for supplying useful information about the mutineers and the army fighting against the Company, she hoped to secure all for her son. With the other princes dead, Jiwan Bakht would be able to take the seat of power.
        Along with Hakim Ahsan Ullah, the Emperor’s physician, and a relative of hers, Mirza Ilahi Bakhsh, the queen helped deliver the Mughal Princes to the English. Mirza Ilahi Baksh identified 30 princes, sons, grandsons and sons in-law of_ Bahadur Shah. The unfortunate princes lost their heads to Captain Hodsun, and as the story goes these were presented to the aged and hapless Bahadur Shah on a platter. Other princes unrelated to the emperor — namely, Mirza Mughal, Mirza Abu Bakr and Mirza Khizr Sultan — were also shot. But Jiwan Bakht did not take the throne. The Mughal Empire was dissolved, and Queen Victoria became Empress of India. The hapless Badshah was tried by the Company and exiled to Rangoon. "


          Good work tanhaa....

          Yes we all remember Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq...

          But the point is what do we do about it.... in past we had imported M.A.Bogra and Moin qureshi as PMs from US .... There is a book called "Pakistan Kay Deh Khuda" explains how pakistans feudals got their lands by "serving" the british.......the very ppl who are now pakistans "elite"...its a sorry tale.....but the imp thing is nobody seems to be worried about it...!!!!!