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Musharraf suffering from 'foot in mouth' disease

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    Musharraf suffering from 'foot in mouth' disease

    George W. Bush's genius seems to be rubbing off on America's agents. The effects of 'foot in mouth' can be seen on both Bush and Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf. "The real solution to all the problems lies in converting Karachi into Hong Kong," General Musharraf said, while launching an ambitious Programme for Economic Revival of Urban Sindh.

    Although Musharraf fancies himself as the future president of Pakistan all his policies, speeches and public addresses testify to his political naiveté. Regarding his recent suicidal decision to privatise vital national industries amongst which are PTCL, PIA, WAPDA, the Thar coal fields and
    other public utilities, he has been quoted to have said, "if we can't run our industries
    properly we should sell them." It would seem
    that he may have missed economics lessons at school but without doubt his current schooling is with the IMF whose Pandora's box of policies have led to the rise of gas prices within Pakistan and a mountainous foreign debt, which currently stands at $38 billion. The Chief Executive's economic wizardry is laughable, he recently proposed a solution with his magic wand at a press conference in Karachi where he said that if 30,000 rich Pakistanis can contribute $200,000 each it will help to reduce the foreign debt by $ 6 billion. In return, "We can call them as 'saviours of Pakistan' and give them a special status so that wherever they go they can be treated with special attention." At the last count, a debt in excess of $30 billion doesn't get wiped out by naming some individuals as saviours or giving them special attention.

    Maybe his statement concerning the conversion of Karachi into Hong Kong is expressing his puppeteers true intention for Pakistan, to ensure that it is a passive colonised land with no standing on the international arena with the American's rather than the British as Imperial masters. Musharraf's next policy could be introducing Chinese to the population of Pakistan, who knows?

    Al-Harth narrated on the authority of Ibn Masood that the Messenger (saw) said: "For every matter, there is a thing that spoils it, and what spoils this Deen is the evil rulers."[Imam Suyooti: Saheeh]

    Abdul-Hamid Jassat

    Khilafah magazine may edition.

    ... and are we supposed to discuss whether Musharraf has foot in mouth disease or not?


    Give the guy some credit. He is a definite improvement over the goonglu we had for a while

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      The CE also?
      Dang i think most of the world leaders are getting affected by it.
      Bush, Vajpie, CE and now the swiss pres, happened like 3 days ago.
      The issue was EU expansion and Switzerland.

      Their's not to reason why,
      Their's but to do and die:
      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        I see nothing wrong with trying to privatize loss making industries. Unfortunately, for places like India, China and Pakistan the mollycoddling of these poor performers have left govt. debt soaring and the prospects of buyers, nill.

        AS far as the comment on rich Pakistanis making large investments to reduce the debt......that is a pipe dream. It's paradoxical to the idea of liberalization.


          The title is funny. I give you credit for that but I don't understand if u guys read any other magazine than khilafah magazine. Is that the word of god for you?

          Thanks for posting a shorter article than the whole story.


            Maybe Mussharraf should be writing open letters to the leaders of the world but just publishing it in some publication that just his pals read. THAT would win him favour with the HT types
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              I am no big fan of the dictators, but the economic policies are economic policies, usually instituted to faster economic growth. Pakistan is a Nuclear Time Bomb waiting to be exploded. Our industrial base is not the most efficient, but it certainly is on the right path. The dose of economic liberalization is always very bitter in the beginning and brings with it a lot of unfortunate consequences (unemployment, inflation, just to name a couple) but in the long run the results are way too sweet. Pakistan should copy Indian model.

              Musharraf foot and mouth disease? Did he stick his foot again in someone’s mouth? Silly General. The thing I have liked about the General is that he has been successful in laying low. Pakistan can do a lot without unwanted attention.

              Scarface, can you point out 12 shortcommings in the plans proposed by the General? Be concise and to the point.


                i think finally i see a courageous leader inpakistan.there is nothing wrong in the privatisation of these sectors .what is the use of them being there ,and making no good results for the nation?if they cannot be run by the state ,let the able people do it...and in the case of pakistai riches...only time will tell whether they ared ready for a such an experiment...i think..he better give them a pomissarry note rather than mouth accredentials.....and who will be ready to do that ,if gov has no capacity to meet some points?


                  I don't think this article originated at Khilafah magazine. I've read it elsewhere too.