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Drought in Pakistan

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    Drought in Pakistan

    Forward - Cut and Paste
    Recently Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi issued a letter to the Pakistani community
    concerning the drought conditions in Pakistan. Also the Ambassador's letter
    conveyed a message from General Musharraf requesting assistance from the
    general public for drought relief.

    The text of Ambassador Lodhi's letter follows, it also contains contact
    information for sending donations. Please forward this message to others.

    ================================================== =========

    No. Pol-4/15/2000

    April 24, 2001

    Dear Friend,

    As you are aware drought conditions in Pakistan, especially in parts of
    Sindh and Baluchistan provinces, have created an unprecedented humanitarian
    and economic challenge for the country. Drought conditions which have
    prevailed in parts of these two provinces for the past three years have so
    seriously aggravated the situation that today nearly 1.5 million people are
    in immediate need of relief assistance. In many areas even drinking water
    is scrace apart from water shortages for cultivation and livestock
    consumption. Accordingly, the main source for the survival of a vast
    majority of the population in Sindh and Baluchistan has been devastated.

    2. Last year, in view of these difficulties, the Chief Executive had
    established the Chief Executive's Drought Relief Fund 2000 (CEDRF-2000).
    While the public response to the appeal for donations was encouraging,
    including from Pakistani-Americans, these funds have been nearly exhausted
    and are inadequate for long term projects designed to alleviate the
    sufferings of the people in the affected areas.

    3. In view of these circumstances, the Chief Executive has called for
    contributions from the general public including donations from the overseas
    Pakistani community.

    4. I am writing to request you to make generous donations to the Drought
    Relief Fund, individually and/or collectively. The national and regional
    Pakistani-American organizations in the U.S. can disseminate this information
    to their wider membership and generate contributions for this purpose. The
    donations can be sent to the Chief Executive's Drought Relief Fund 2000 in
    the following branches of the National Bank of Pakistan in the U.S.:

    National Bank of Pakistan, Washington DC 202-462-7373
    National Bank of Pakistan, New York 212-344-8833 (Ext.220)
    National Bank of Pakistan, Chicago 773-508-9728



    Dr. Maleeha Lodhi