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    Guys, check out this latest news. Israel is using Pakistani bankers to fund undercover activities in Islamic countries:

    National Bank caught laundering money for Israelis in Paris

    French action may jeopardise bank's European operation

    By Kamran Khan

    KARACHI: Following a joint operation by the French police and the central bank of France, during which the General Manager of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) in Paris was arrested recently for laundering money for some Israeli nationals as well as some international drug smugglers, the NBP may soon be forced to shut its operation in France followed by a similar decision by the European central bank, banking sources have confirmed this to The News.

    In strange coincidence, while the NAB authorities are close to proving in a court of law that major defence contractors in France heavily bribed the naval officials including a former chief of naval staff in Pakistan to sell Agosta B submarines and SM 39 missiles, the French authorities are confident that a court in Paris would soon deliver a guilty judgment against the National Bank of Pakistan by convicting Mashkurullah, its head of operations in France, on money laundering charges.

    There is, however, no evidence to suggest that a prosecution case against Admiral Mansurul Haq, the former CNS, for accepting direct or indirect bribes from the state-run French defence institutions, such as SOFMA and Airdespatial, and a mighty raid by the French authorities against the National Bank of Pakistan for being involved in money laundering in France are inter-connected.

    Mashkurullah, the General Manger of the National Bank in France, was arrested in Paris early this month after weeks of secret investigation during which the bank was found directly involved in opening bank accounts and handling large sums of monies of scores of shadowy individuals that also, interestingly, included a number of Israeli nationals. Other suspected accounts opened and handled by Mashkurullah allegedly included suspected drug traffickers from South America.

    The national bank is yet to initiate investigation as to how the declared Israeli nationals managed to open accounts in a bank that serves as the treasury for the Government of Pakistan and also handles the accounts of its most sensitive security services both here and abroad. Initial reports have indicated that the Israeli individuals were using the bank to further their operations in the Middle East.

    Sources said that in an exhaustive raid carried out at the National Bank branch on the glamorous Champs de' Elaysee boulevard in Paris, the French authorities confiscated damning documentary evidence including shabbily filled account opening forms from Mashkurullah's office. While Mashkurullah was taken into custody, the French authorities later allowed the bank to continue its day-to-day operation in Paris.

    In a desperate attempt to rescue the situation, Pakistan's Ambassador to France Shaheryar Khan and President National Bank Ali Reza are meeting top French banking affairs lawyers in Paris, who are understood to have advised them to disengage Mashkurullah from the NBP operations by claiming before the French central bank and the judges that money laundering was Mashkur's individual act, that was not in the bank's knowledge.

    Yet to make an attempt to save Mashkur's conviction that will ultimately lead to the closure of NBP in France, the Pakistan embassy has already hired a top notch Paris law firm that will be paid nearly half a million French francs for a full-fledged legal battle to win an acquittal for the NBP's chief of operations in France.

    The News has, however, discovered that twice since September last year the National bank headquarters in Karachi was informed by two of its executives, Mr G Allana and Mr Dar -- both posted as regional head of Europe in London -- that the bank's branch in Paris was heavily involved in shady activities and the NBP operations were about to face severe action from the French central bank and other authorities.

    It has been disclosed that since the NBP's head of international operation in Karachi, Asif Hasan had close personal relations with Mashkur, he not only ignored those serious observations, the matter was not even brought into the notice Bank's President Syed Ali Reza, a notable banker of international repute. Sources have also informed that Mashkurullah had been sent to the most important Paris branch despite widely known reports that he had little or no knowledge of undesirable elements in the bank.

    The News has also learned that soon after his posting as the head of operation in France, Mashkurullah had privately hired a former Pakistani banker to run the affairs of the Paris branch in his private capacity while payments to that individual were made from a special account at the Paris branch. After about a year, Mashkur replaced him with a former BCCI official -- a Pakistani who worked as lieutenant to Mashkur till the French federal regulators raided the bank early this month. Beside the Paris branch, the NBP has three branches in London and one in Frankfurt. The central bankers are already taking a fresh look at NBP affairs in these important countries.

    Please dont be surprised. We Desis, both Indians and Pakistanis have long history of treachery. That is how the British took over from the Moghuls. Corruption is another form treachery


      This only shows that even supposedly most cunning jewish brains have to take help of pakistani expertise when it comes to money laudering.


        ZZ Bhai , I hope you are being sarcastic.
        Please dont be proud. The Israelies are using us and making idiots of us. Everone knows that we are easily bought.


          I am not suprised. In country where the recruitment is by bribe or source there will be always people like these in high posts. These people after the getting jobs serve their masters not their institutes where they work or the public.

          Until we change we recruitment to be fair and on merit we will be getting corrupt people like these.

          "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"


            I agree with Insaaniat 100%.Let me quote what Americans says and do "75% of all success is not in good managment--But in the selection of the right and competant people".

            Just think about that.All these people who are abroad they have a heavy responsibilities,because they are the like ambassador of Pakistan. That's how other nations measure us.But we are so shallow sometime we don't pay attention and get burned.This news in making headlines all across Europe and World.
            If we can't bring the positive Image of our country then why we make it worse.Now whatever Govt of Pakistan does to those involved, doesn't matter,we already got publicity and everyone knows now.Without the backing of our Govt official in Pakistan, I don't think it would have happend, there are some more black sheeps involved. Don't get surprise when we gonna know some Army officers are in tooo.

            GOD BLESS PAKISTAN,.......pray of this millenium,....
            °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`° ¤ø,¸°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ ºÂ°`°º¤ø,¸,¸¸,ø¤º °`°º¤ø,¸,¸¸,ø¤º° ºÂ¤Ã¸

            A Faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.


              I have always maintained that Pakistan has a very special relationship vis-a-vis Israel.

              The role Pakistan will play in combatting the Zionist state in the future will be very profound.

              Both Israel and Pakistan are the only 2 ideological states in the world. Both represent fundamentally opposite and clashing ideologies.

              It is most natural that they will therefore be pitted against each other in the near future.

              1) This has become more imminent given Pakistan's nuclear status and its increasing military power.

              2) Pakistani intellect at large is different from Arab and Indian intellect. This is a very important fact that should not be underestimated. Pakistanis have the advantage of having experienced and retained the best of Indian, Arab, Persian, and Turkish civilizations and are therefore better equipped culturally, are more dynamic and ingenuitive than their Arab counterparts, and are in direct competition with Israelis which again come from diverse civilizations.