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After effects of Martial Law In Pakistan,....

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    After effects of Martial Law In Pakistan,....

    The first Martial Law Administrator was
    AYUB KHAN.Not only he ruled for almost decade or more, But he changed Pakistan Consitituation in 1962.Which laid the foundation of Bengladesh after 9 years. Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman put forward six point agenda which was un-acceptable to West Pakistan.Well, we lost East Pakistan due to the ignorance of AYUB KHAN.Though we had some Industrial development.How good was that when ended up losing our 2nd Half.

    Then Comes YAHYA KHAN,he completed 100% what AYUB KHAN left off.Pakistan Army involved in Massacre and killings of our Muslim brothers there in East pakistan,As SERBIA did to Muslims there in BALKANS.International humiliation of Pakistan, Like 100 thousand POW trapped in India.Then comes our civil Dictator Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.Bhuttos plays like very patriotic but behind the scene involved upto neck in Bengaldesh mess.He changes Consitituation in 1973 again third time in Pakistan history.Because he didn't like the one changed by his god-father AYUB KHAN.

    SO the first Martial Law Took one part of Pakistan.

    Then comes ZIA-UL-HAQ,promises 90 days time and elections will be held and then Army will leave. We ignorant people didn't realise that when Army says 90 days it actually means like 4015 civilian days.
    He plays Religious card so well even Mullahs get jealous with him.But on the other hand we lose "SIACHEN GLACIERS".Indian Army take all important heights and enjoys
    the stretagic advantages.
    Islam is abused everyday, everywhere and made fun of during the referendum.One horse race, easily won by him. Now he legitamize his Govt. Semi-democratic govt comes and then kicked out by our General ZIA-UL-HAQ. He forces paliments to amend the consititution for his personal convenience.
    Now,President ZIA-UL-HAQ wants to destroy PPP, he helps Create MQM, Altaf Hussain who at one time used to drive YELLOW TAXI here in NEW YORK CITY, becomes the leader and try to come on national level.On the other hand Nawaz Shairf gets his attention through Governor of Punjab Lt. Gen Ghulam Gilani.
    He( ZIA-UL-HAQ ) becomes the god-father of two politicians, Altaf Hussain and Nawaz Sharif.At the same time he corrupts our judicial system more frequently than anything else.What Bhutto couldn't do, our general ZIA-UL-HAQ do that faster and more efficiantly.

    But down the road,What happens we all know.
    Altaf Hussain start thinking to make Karachi a JINNAHABAD. He tries through his loyals to create the law and Order situation in Karachi. Which leads to so many other problems, which we all know by now.

    Then BeNAZIR and Nawaz Sharif try to loot as much as they can.Not once but twice.And we can see there sufferings now.But one more and important happens during the last days of Nawaz Sharif, The Kargil Issue. Indian and Pakistan Come close to nuclear war, the whole world watching and criticizing Pakistan for bringing SUB-Continent closer to war.India's Naval War ships ready and at moments notice to full naval Blokade of Karachi port. Thus leaving Pakistan helpless and disconnected from the rest of the world.

    Who is responsible for this,.....Our Great General MUSHARRAF.What is going on since then is not in distant past, we can see and understand now.

    So what we achieved and lost,......the whole picture is there to understand......
    I shall appreciate everyones take on this,....

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    A Faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.