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Adm.Mansur Face Imminent Deportation For Corruption

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    Adm.Mansur Face Imminent Deportation For Corruption

    Pakistani admiral's deportation imminent
    Nirshan Perera

    By the end of this week Austin, Texas, resident Mansur-ul-Haq could be on a plane bound for Pakistan.

    If he is, there will be a retinue of police and military officials eager to roll out the welcome mat. But it won't be a joyous homecoming by any stretch of the imagination.

    The retired navy admiral is wanted on corruption charges in his home country and has been desperately fighting extradition since his arrest by the FBI last month.

    The government of General Pervez Musharraf wants the decorated 63-year-old admiral, who has been living a decidedly unglamorous new immigrant life with his wife and children for the past four years -- leagues away from his former role as a military bigwig in the government of Benazir Bhutto -- to own up for the sins of his past.

    Haq stands accused of accepting more than $3.3 million in bribes from French defence contractors. Several of his cronies have already been convicted by Pakistan's National Accountability Bureau and are enjoying their retirement in military jail cells.

    Before the axe of justice dropped on him, Haq fled the country in 1997 and settled with his family in Austin, Texas. But working with Islamabad, the FBI finally enforced an international arrest warrant last month and picked him up.

    Since then, Haq has languished at an undisclosed federal facility near Austin. Despite his repeated arguments for release on medical grounds, US Magistrate Judge Stephen Capelle has denied the former admiral bail, citing a large risk of flight.

    At a US federal court hearing scheduled for this Thursday, Haq's fate may finally be decided. Although federal prosecutor Ronald Sievert would not comment on the case, trial watchers say the deportation order is imminent.

    If convicted of the corruption charges in Pakistan, Haq could face up to 14 years in prison.

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    Well any moment now Pk 741 carrying Mansur Ul Haq a diisgrace to Pakistan Armed forces and Pakistan itself will be arriving in Lahore...
    So what do you guys think? Whats going to happen now? I mean everything what he did has been proved but then again I have heard he used to be one of the compadres of Cheif executive himself....From another thread in this Pakistan forum.....alibeta


      Thing is will we get the money these ppl looted from pakistan back or not.

      I heard that although Swiss court provided some informtion on BB swiss accounts, they refuse to return money to pakistan. What if US and Uk does same and do not return money to pakistan what will we do??

      "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"


        Main bhi kahoon we think so much alike, you wrote exactly what I wrote lekin it was a cut and paste...