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hai,what is this?have u noticed this?

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    hai,what is this?have u noticed this? far as the present situations or the political situations are considered,hindus,parsis,budhists and ahmedens are being treated as the degraded people.i am not a religious fundamentalist.but in sindh where the hindus are there in the larger number than any other place in pakistan they have started taking part in the aggressive political plans.Mr.Sudham chand chawla ,the hindu leader had met sindh governer last month.that means they are moving with some clear agenda and with the intentions to take part in the political dramas.already nation is on the verge of an internal fight due to nshia -sunni conflagrations...if these people take part in the violences and side with shias (ofcourse they wont side with sunnis,because sunnis wont bend before them)
    the nation will be in a jeo parady.........

    small referensce............sindh hindus demonstrated a protest against the racial discrimination..

    violence in multan....because of a love marriage between a hindu girl Rajkumari Amritkaur and a muslim youth

    violence in sindh......because a peace of holy quran paer was used to cover sweets