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Honour Killings in Pakistan

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    Honour Killings in Pakistan

    Monday May 21 2:22 PM ET
    Kin Kill 4 Women in Pakistan
    By MUNIR AHMED, Associated Press Writer

    LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) -A man slashed the throats of his estranged wife, her mother, and his 4-year-old sister-in-law because he suspected the wife of adultery, police said Monday.

    Five companions helped the man kill the three with sickles in the latest of so-called honor killings in Pakistan, police said.

    The wife had recently left her husband's home because of a family dispute. Later, the man accused her of adultery - a charge she denied, police said.

    Police said they have been unable to capture the suspects in the slayings in Nanakansaheb, 60 miles north of Lahore.

    Honor killings are rampant in Islamic Pakistan, where men kill women they say have tarnished their honor. The woman's offense may be to sit next to a man not a relative or to be suspected of extramarital sex.

    Pakistan's independent Human Rights Commission has documented hundreds of attacks against women, some accused of simply looking in the direction of another man.

    In a separate case in eastern Punjab province over the weekend, a father with the help of his son strangled his teen-age daughter suspected of adultery, police said.

    Human rights activists say most perpetrators of honor killings go unpunished because police are reluctant to investigate domestic violence and often fail to press charges. Successive governments have condemned honor killings but have failed to stop them.

    This is so sad. Even if the charges were remotely true, it does not mean that a person can take the law into their own hands. Men can be such cowards sometimes.

    They shoot partypoopers, don't they?


      Isnít that funny that claimer of Shriah law and Khilafat saying not a single word about killings like these?? These honor killings are totally against Islam and Modern world laws.

      These killing will stop when police start to recognise these as murders and do not waive as family disputes etc. We have to make changes to our law including "Hadood Ordinance" so that man cannot use these laws to cover up.

      Until make changes in our judicial system we cannot stop these killings.

      "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"


        If this is a case of Honor Killing ,how many such murders happen under this category.Pardon my ignorence ,but do the murders like this GO UN PUNISHED ???

        Is there lesser charge & punishment if there is plea of honor killing ???

        I would tend to think no murder under any plea is justified or allowed even in religous context .Thank you

        Plz help me understand more about this law or ptroblem in Pakistan


          Barey sharm ke baat hai? Kya ho gya hai mardoon ko? unki izzat kisi aur ke haath main!!!! wah wah, kya logic?

          Janaab apni izzat aapne haath main hoti hai? Aisee harkatooan say , Pakistan ke mardoon kee izzat duniya bhar main kharaab hai. Aur, Is par, sub apne aap ko Mussalmaan kehte hain? Kahan hain vo log jinhe Islaam pe naaz hai, kahan hai-n??
          Kuch to bolo !!!!!!