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What should Pakistan do with these people ?

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    What should Pakistan do with these people ?

    Some of you will know about it, but anyway..


    Moin for shifting Afghan refugees out of city limits

    By Our Reporter

    ISLAMABAD, May 15: Federal Interior Minister Lt-Gen (Retd) Moinuddin Haider has
    directed the administrations of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to immediately shift all Afghan refugees outside the city limits.

    In a meeting with the chief commissioner, Islamabad, Khalid Saeed, the deputy commissioner, Hamid Ali Khan, and other senior officials of the Rawalpindi administration, the interior minister asked them to prepare best possible plan for the rehabilitation of Afghan nationals outside the cities, a reliable source told Dawn here on Tuesday.

    It is feared that about 100,000 Afghan nationals, living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, will participate in the forthcoming local government polls as majority of them have acquired national identity cards. "They can influence the result of elections, if they exercise their right of franchise as Pakistani nationals," the minister was informed in the meeting.

    The minister said that administrations of several other cities, including Peshawar, were also worrying about the participation of the Afghans in the local government polls.

    The administrations of both Rawalpindi and Islamabad have been preparing plans to shift these Afghan refugees out of the cities for the past several years, but no practical step has been taken in this regard.

    A source said that it would be difficult for the government to restrict the movement of Afghan refugees as they had become a part of the society after getting national identity cards, establishing their businesses and making marriages in Pakistani families.

    The participants of the meeting informed the minister that about 50,000 Afghan refugees were residing in the federal capital and majority of them had acquired national identity cards through illegal means.

    "If elections are held in the urban areas of Islamabad, no one can stop them from participating in it," they told the minister.

    The interior minister directed the chief commissioner and the deputy commissioner, Islamabad, to hold an inquiry that how these Afghans had acquired national ID cards.

    The minister was also informed in the briefing that most of the Afghan nationals were involved in different crimes in Islamabad including drug-trafficking, dacoities, vehicles snatching, beggary and prostitution.

    The minister was informed that several Afghan women were allegedly involved in the prostitution specially in the residential areas of Khayaban-i-Sir Syed, Satellite Town, Muslim Town, Sadiqabad, I-9 and I-10.

    The minister assured the officials that he would discuss the matter in the cabinet so that a clear cut policy about Afghan refugees could be announced.

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    Theoretically, I would support naturalizing Afghan refugees as Pakistani citizens.

    Many Bosnian and Somalian immigrants have become citizens of Pakistan and haven't gone back to their countries after the wars in Bosnia and Somalia.

    Today Islamabad is full of Bosnians and Somalians who have Pakistani passports.

    I think lets be brave and naturalize the Afghans.
    I think if the Holy Prophet PBUH would have been alive today, he would have supported naturalization of all refugees.

    If we don't naturalize, we would still have to deal with them as illegal residents.



      I think these people should be returned to their repective countries. Pakistan had helped these imigrants while they had problems in their own country and these imigrant in return illegaly acquired ID cards and passports (to stay in country forever).

      Now most of these refugess can return to their countries including afghanistan. If any of these refugees now married to pakitani national then they should be allowed to live in the country.

      Pakistan has a lot of problems and have not enough resources to even help its own citizens let alone the foreign refugees. pakistan people are having a tough times and it is about time government of pakistan start thinking about its own puplic and let neighbouring countries to take care of its people in form of refugees.

      In the past currupt politicians and other religious leaders used these refugees as an excuse to get money from foreign countries and from people of pakistan. Now government should return these people back to their respective countries.

      "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"


        I thing that the people who are not naturilized should be sent back if the situation gets better.

        So sad that these people still do not respect our Pakistani law and values,
        but are keeping it on with their crimes on our Sohni Dharti.

        If they keep go on, what wil happen the future of Pakistan?

        May Allah(swt) help us.

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          Had this article been published in a western newspaper and had it been written about Bosnians etc I would say it's pretty racist - the fact that it's posted in Pak newspaper and probably written by a Muslim doesn't make it better. Refugees always have problems, financial, social, emotional etc, Pak should've thought about consequences when we welcomed them. Anyway, if they become a part of the Pak society tau phir problem kya hai? Prostitution, drugs etc problems have always existed in Pak, nothing new there, we're not really kicking out Pakistani prostitutes or smugglers either.

          If they are (legally) Pak citizens then why can't or shouldn't they vote? Is it because our leaders fear that they might not vote for the selected few?

          Waise what happened to one Muslim Ummah theory?


            These people are not allowed to stay becuase they acquired the pakistani citizenship illegaly. Only those people should be allowed to stay who got the passports legaly i.e. after the marriage to pakistani citizen.

            2) Most of refugee's like bosnians can return to their country because war is over now and as most already did. Thousands of bosnaians from europe has returned to there homeland then why not from pakistan??

            These people are one of major cause of rise in durgs, prsotitution and other crimes. These crimes were in the country before the arrival of refugees but not is such a large scale. We all know how after the Afghans war the pakistan cities filled with illegal weapons and drugs. We have no problem with these refugees if they play postive role country's devolopment but if they start to contribute to crime and create law and order situation for governments then it is wise to send them back to there country.

            "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"

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              woudnt it be interesting if such a debate was going on in UK and USA etc (not that it does not) we would call it right-wing extremism, xenophobia, racism, prejudism, zionist plot etc etc.

              However, if people were not naturalized, and the situation is better they should be sent back, those who were naturalized are permanent, unless it was done illegally ..which is hard to prove or disprove.

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