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    Hi Friends,
    As its well known that, On one front, Army defends the borders of Pakistan they must be strong. On the other front Pakistan needs well trained and highly qualified force to protect economical borders, means People working hard in other countries to send foriegn exchange to Pakistan.And on the third from we need Honest, straight-forward and wise leaders who can use all these avaiable sources wisely for the welfare of the country.Pakistan doesn't have too many exporting goods,very limited because we have competitors in the world markets.The main source of income pakistan has if any from people like us.Indian earns like 5 times more than what we earn from overseas force.Now the question arises, who is not doing his part and why. Isn't this a shame on all of us that we lack honest leaders.The foreign exchange which we send is being paid back to IMF and World Bank. Now the loans which Pakistan took is the same but our govt is paying the interest on that amount. Where this is leading us and why. our leaders stolen money from our treasury and deposited in foreign Banks. We are living like a beggers.What happened to our Islamic and Pakistani pride. We start begging if IMF or World Bank stop loan. They are dictating our whole budget.
    What went wrong and why.China got its independance in 1949.Where is China today and how.
    They always think as a nation,unlike us we just think how to make more in short time.
    We are country of almost 150 million people. and India has more than Billion now.They have Foreign exchange reserve to $ 25 billions ( US Dollars), and we have less than Billion dollars.They owe less amount to IMF and World Bank than us.
    Pakistan's survival can only be sure if they start paying attention to economics too. We can't feed people A-bomb or Missiles. We need deterant, I strongly agree, but Let the democracy take its root. Setup a long term goals and follow through all. I know it will take 15-20 years, but it worth it.It can only be done if there are leaders who have vision and dedicate themselves for all.Right now Future doesn't look promising the way we are doing things.
    The best service we all can do is, address the problems and find the solutions. I hate day dreaming. May God bless us all,
    °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`° ¤ø,¸°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ ºÂ°`°º¤ø,¸,¸¸,ø¤º °`°º¤ø,¸,¸¸,ø¤º° ºÂ¤Ã¸

    A Faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.

    My solution for both India/Pakistan (howsoever idealistic they may be)

    1)Population control.
    2)Guided and not free-for-all democracy.Make age and education, criteria for political office.
    3)Keep Governance and Administration free from religion.
    4)Strong law enforcement.
    5)Independent and efficient judiciary.
    6)Declare a war on corruption.
    7)Educate the masses.
    8)An end to populist decisions.

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      Exactly this is most difficult problem right now. We know what the problems are. We think we solve can them but start from where?

      Right now people in pakistan dont know where to go........Mullahs says implement shriah Laws, Hazib-e-Tahir says Impment Khilafat, Taliban supporters says Implement Taliban style government, Politicians says Implement the many other suggestions.

      I agree with CE that pakistan is very difficult country to rule because so many different elements in our soceity want to run the country.

      The list is endless in what is needed but in my view, wee need law and order. Until we get our law and order situation under control, The forgeign companies would not invest in Pakistan. For example recent attack on Chinese Engineers in some remote part of Pakistan (cannot remmeber the place) could put a bad impression on foreign investers.

      "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"

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        We have many problems, and like chilli's points mentioned those should be our goals.
        But none of them can be achieved if we continue to waste time and money on kashmir.
        Kashmir is the problem.
        If we can get rid of that the people focus more what is going on inside and not be drawn away from the real topics by an external issue.


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