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Why pakistan is threat to India?

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    Why pakistan is threat to India?

    whenever there is trouble in India those people start pointing at Pakistan.I also remember corruption charges aganist M.P were refered as I.S.I plot.

    I personally think that if there is one thing you Pakistanis should be real proud of, it should be your ISI.You should be happy that atleast one of your Government agencies performs its duties unbelievably well.
    There are so many things India's RAW can learn from the ISI.Looks like 'RAW' takes its name very seriously and does only back-office "research and analysis".


      Chilli, that's the Pakistani agency working in india currently.. imagine what would india do if out military agencies get "bored" of indian army's games of "hide and seek" with Kashmiri mujahidins. I believe the newpapers will read
      "Akand Bharat = History".
      after all, india is an un-natural creation. and the time is comming up to divide it. I will leave mathematics on you for the division..

      -May God bless the Land of Pure- PAKISTAN
      There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the end the sword will always be conquered by the spirit. --Napoleon Bonaparte


        Originally posted by PureLand:

        after all, india is an un-natural creation. and the time is comming up to divide it. I will leave mathematics on you for the division..

        Really, and dividing countries on the basis of religion is very natural. What will be the mathematics on division if people decide to change their religion..



          Are you sure it is not someone else posting in your nick? This is the second time today I have heard you say such nice things about Pakistan and Pakistanis. Keep up with us, and you have the potential to improve much further.

          Yeah, ISI is doing a fantastic job, atleast if you believe half the stories appearing in Indian media. Much as we love to take credit, I must reconsider whether ISI has so much time on their hands to make earthquacks happen or rage floods or buggify street traffic signals all over India.

          Even then, the question remains, why does Indian media so hyped about Pakistan. Look at the comparative size of the two countries. Look at the population of two countries. And then look at the spectacular attention given to Pakistan, its Generals, and .... yes, ISI!

          India has several neighbors. Pakistan is one, then there is Bangladesh, China, Nepal (and probably Bhutan). Nepal and Bhutan, being land-locked have treaties with India, and even then the Big Brother attitude keeps lurking in the sidelines and comes to fore in any time of crisis (remember IA hijacking, when India blasted Nepal).

          Right now, India is pangafying with Bangladesh, even though Hasina Wajid is probably the most pro-India PM, India can ever hope for.

          India fought a war with China in 1962, and since then it is an uneasy truce, with India supporting Tibet's exiled Dalai Lama. Lately, there are overtures in the relationship to make them more cordial. But to any neutral observer it is obvious it won't fly. The reason is that India is trying to have a love affair going with US, while US and China do not see eye to eye on many issues. Guess, sooner rather than later, India will have to decide which side of the bread is buttered.

          I think its time, India should reconsider its role in the region. Instead of perceiving everyone as an enemy out to destroy its territorial integrity, it should move forward with sorting lingering issues, and making peace with its neighbors. The region has so much potential, with vast fertile lands, a huge human capital, educated middle class, cheap labor, huge consumer market. Only if the region can get out of this arms race and more effectively utilize its scarce resources, is there a limit to what we can not achieve?



            Isn`t I.S.I thraet to Indian aim for controlling that region?