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India never started a war with Pakistan: Asghar

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    India never started a war with Pakistan: Asghar

    India never started a war with Pakistan: Asghar

    President Tehrik-e-Istaqlal Air Marshal (retd) Asghar Khan said that Pakistan initiated the 1965 and 1971 wars with India.

    In an exclusive interview with The News Friday, he said Pakistan opened the front with India by sending troops to Runn of Kutch in 1965, and later in 1971 created such conditions in East Pakistan that India had to wage a war.

    ``India never started a war with Pakistan,'' viewed Asghar Khan and contended that there was no need to revamp Pakistan Air Force as India had never been a threat. He said Pakistan need not spend much on defence as India would hardly dare attack Pakistan.

    He said a certain "section of the society," time and again, created hysteria in the country that jehad should be launched against India and USA. He proposed an independent state of Jammu and Kashmir whose defence should be the joint responsibility of India and Pakistan. Suggesting that both the countries should station one or two army brigades in the valley, he said the Kashmiris be allowed to rule themselves in a peaceful atmosphere.

    He said as the people of Kashmir could not be won over with force, Pakistan and India should make efforts to establish peace and tranquility in the region. Recalling that he had proposed this to Ayub Khan and told him that the "will of Kashmiris" must be ascertained instead of winning them over with the use of force. But, Ayub, intoxicated with victory in Runn of Kutch, didn't pay heed to his sugestion, said Asghar Khan

    He condemned the the role of political parties on Kashmir issue, and termed their "rhetoric" as exploitation of public sentiments on Kashmir dispute. Supporting the signing of CTBT, Asghar Khan said it was time to deweaponise since there would be no war--conventional or nuclear.

    Appreciating the devolution of power plan, he said only a military government could make this revolutionary move. When asked about the ARD movement, Asghar Khan said this alliance, like all others, wanted to grab power.

    Finally, the truth has come out. People like Malik73 & Co. have always written scrap of India attacking Pakistan.


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