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Lt-Gen Usmani named DCOAS - political implications?

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    Lt-Gen Usmani named DCOAS - political implications?

    In a rare move the COAS/CE of Pakistan has appointed a deputy COAS - General Usmani, to in effect take over the much of the day to day running of the army. This will allow General Musharraf to devote more of his energies to the position of Chief Executive.

    Or is it the first concrete sign that he is about to become President in the very near future?


    Lt-Gen Usmani named DCOAS

    By Shakil Shaikh

    General Pervez Musharraf named Commander 5 Corps Lt-Gen Muzaffar Hussain Usmani as Deputy Chief of Army Staff on Tuesday in a military move which could have major political implications for the country as well.

    The DCOAS will assume his new appointment on May 17. When Lt-General Usmani becomes the DCOAS on May 17, he will be the senior most three-star general. For the moment he has not been given a promotion and he will remain a three-star general but would become the second most important soldier in the Army.

    "Lt-Gen Tariq Waseem Ghazi, at present, serving as Commandant Command and Staff College, Quetta, will replace him as Commander 5 Corps," an ISPR Press release said, announcing Lt General Usmani's appointment.

    The Chief of Army Staff has also appointed Maj-Gen Malik Arif Hayat as Commandant Command and Staff College Quetta, and Maj-Gen Syed Ali Hamid as Director-General, Defence Export promotion Organisation (DEPO) at Joint Staff Headquarters.

    The political dimension of the move assumes importance in the wake of widespread speculation that General Pervez Musharraf will move up and assume the charge of the presidency while retaining the key office of COAS. General Usmani will then become the key officer to control the Army, in such an eventuality.

    General Musharraf has already announced that he would not be retiring in October this year, as people in the helm of affairs claim that he would continue to be the Army chief till October 2002 in the light of the Supreme Court judgment, which has restricted the present rule to three years.

    An Inter-Services Public Relations announcement said that Lt-Gen Usmani was designated as DCOAS. It is the discretion of the Army chief to make such administrative arrangements under particular circumstances. Lt-Gen Ghazi was promoted as three-star general some months back, but he kept waiting for his new assignment, though all the newly-promoted three-star generals were adjusted in a recent reshuffle at the command and staff structure of the Army.

    Outgoing Inspector-General Training and Evaluation Lt-Gen Tahir Ali Qureshi was the senior most three-star general. He is due to retire from the Army on May 16 and by that time all the adjustments in the command and staff structure would be completed.

    Lt-Gen Usmani was a key figure in the October 12 change as he had ensured that the PIA flight from Colombo to Karachi carrying the Army chief General Pervez Musharraf had a smooth landing at Karachi but not before the Army had seized power, overthrowing Nawaz Sharif.

    Usmani was commissioned in 1966 in an Armoured Infantry Battalion. After four years of Regimental duties he was posted to School of Infantry and Tactics, Quetta, as instructor. In 1974, he was posted to Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, as Platoon and Company Commander. After promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, he commanded two Armoured Infantry Battalions, including a battalion in Saudi Arabia.

    As Brigadier, he commanded an Infantry as well as a Mechanised Brigade. On promotion to the rank of Major General, he commanded an Infantry Division. As Lieutenant General, he commanded two corps, one in Bahawalpur and the other in Karachi, from where he has been designated as DCOAS.

    In addition to his command experience, he has also served on various staff appointments. He has served as director-general Military Training, inspector-general Training and Evaluation and vice chief of General Staff at the GHQ, in addition to his appointments as directing staff at Command and Staff College and National Defence College.

    Lt-Gen Usmani, in addition to graduation from Command and Staff College, Quetta, has also attended Royal College of Defence Studies, UK, and Senior Officers Defence Management Course, USA.

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    Excellent news.
    CE for PRES!!!!!


    I Came I Saw I ATE
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Good news and I hope CE will not follow same foot steps of old politicians and try to make fresh start. God luck to CE.

      "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"



        Who was the idiot who said "Worst democracy is better than the best dictatorship". Must be out of his mind.

        Look at us...!

        CE for Pres (indeed) !!!


          Isn't this Usmani guy the same bearded fellow who took over the Karachi Airport so that General saheb can land.... Good foot work... Time to get his reward.

          ps. Why does it remind me of Aslam Baig... what was his post when Zia's plane blew up? DCOAS? Nah! Nevermind...


            mallik is it true every appoinment in army
            needs outside approval?



              If you are suggesting to (in correct order)


              then, no.

              CE for Pres!!!



                Originally posted by rvikz:
                mallik is it true every appoinment in army
                needs outside approval?

                rvikz, in fact it is the opposite.

                We all know how Nawaz's cronies scuttled off to Washington in the weeks before the coup to warn the American's that a military coup was imminent, and that American 'help' was needed to ward it off. The American's duly issued a public warning against it, but General Musharraf with the help of the likes of Lt-Gen Usmani took power regardless.

                So much for outside 'approval' for any apponintment in Pakistan huh?

                General Musharraf for President!!!


                  Do you post your replies without reading earlier posts in the thread? At least you should read the original post, shouldn't you?

                  How many times was Gen.Usmani being CC Karachi and hence his role (whatever 'his role' means, he was commander of the area for God's sake) mentioned in the article above? And yet you are asking if he is the same? Wear your glasses.

                  And this doesn't have anything to do with 'reward' for anything. Gen.Musharraf wearing 3 hats necessitated this position and being senior most he was the natural choice. It is noteworthy that this position has been there during all military governments.

                  Gen.Aslam Beg did hold a similar(slightly different) position once but then he wasn't the 1st one to do so, now was he?
                  Infact Gen.Usmani will be the 8th soldier(Beg was the 7th) in Pak Army to hold this position.
                  Why does this remind you of Gen.Beg? My guess is,it's because he is the only one(out of 7) that you knew about.

                  'Murghi' ki parwaz Mundair tak..

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                    Peacemaker key bassti ho gaye!!
                    Now are you going to run to ammreka??

                    CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE

                    I Came I Saw I ATE
                    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



                      Bush uncle, Bush Uncle.... dekhein yea Ahmed mujhay tang karr raha hai

                      Actually, Ahmed mian, since you are soooo good. You tell me one thing. I wouldn't have said it outright, but since sarcasm goes way over your head so let me spell it out for you. Even reference to Beg went way over your head. tsk tsk.

                      Remember Ayub? Remember Zia? If not, you need to take a lesson in history, and the only lesson you will learn, that even if you are so good, there has to be an escape route and an exit in sight. With Musharraf doing exactly the same things as Zia, making DCOAS (retaining COAS charge even after his due date of retirement), (probably) assuming Presidency, using useless politicians to fight amongst each other, becoming a politician himself. Even if he is so good, there is no visible way he will be out of power.

                      And in this case, guess what happens. Despite our vehement support, one day a sobre faced oldie will come on TV and say "hamaray sadr ka tayara fiza mein phatt gaya". That, my dear friend, is then the only exit left.

                      But till that happens, lets all chant,
                      Yea... CE for Pres!!! oh well, make it
                      CE - Pres for Life!!!

                      ps. Now what did they say about democracy? Piece of crap! yuck!


                        Peacemaker is nobody posting in the galleries any more??
                        As for your concept of democracy, so you support Bhutto right???
                        Typical example of a desi living in the west.
                        You complain about pakistan like crazy but do nothing to help it.
                        The CE is our best choice at present, but you rather make fun of our future.
                        And are you looking for an exit right now???
                        Ameerikan bun gaye ho???

                        CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE

                        I Came I Saw I ATE
                        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                          Abay CM... yea Pak forum aap kay abba aap kay naam likh gayay hein kay koi aur post nahi karr sakta?

                          Bhutto???? satiyanaas ho uska aur uskay saray supporters ka! aur kahoon?

                          CE for Pres!!!

                          Kher, since you are only 18, so its understandable that you are so emotional about this. Lets discuss this in ... err.. another 5 years, ok?

                          And who is criticizing Pakistan? Put those glasses back on.

                          We shouldn't constantly look at the backview mirror, cz that will create an accident, but its good if we sometimes look at the backview mirror (history) to find problems and look for solutions. Appointing a DCOAS has a classic similarity to our history. What did our resident historian, AHmed, said.. its the 7th or 8th time it has happened. Look at the first line of the post "in a rare move". It all points to permanence.

                          Now, if CE is so good, let him hang his uniform and come in public approval arena. There is no bar, lots of generals have done it. If CE wins public approval (in eletions) then GREAT. More power to him.

                          If you say, our people are dumb and don't know who is right and who is wrong, and will always mess up in elections by electing wrong people, then ---->

                          But the way CE is moving right now, he is consolidating all power to his person, keeping his uniform and ordering a suit/sherwani. He is assuming more and more power on the basis of his position as incharge of armed forces. Is this good? Only history will tell.

                          CE for Pres!!!


                            Where did i say you can not post??
                            And why should that stop you??

                            The point is that i personally think the military rulers have done far better than the democractic - despotic ones.
                            With the CE as pres the military has a direct hand in the affairs of the govt.
                            And everybody knows that the politicians are afraid of the military.
                            It will give them to think about when doing something wrong.
                            Also the military would provide as a check and balance which is lacking in pakistan.

                            As for voting, you buy votes in pakistan you don't vote.
                            A majority of the illeterate vote along the parties there fore fathers joined.
                            Not according to their brains.
                            Democracy has not worked in pakistan.
                            I agree with the old thinking in the west in the 40's and 50's that the military should take control or have an authoritarian govt and then later move towards democracy.
                            You seem to be a great fan of history and history backs my above theory.
                            I will explain further if you want.

                            CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE

                            I Came I Saw I ATE
                            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                              You are a great fan of military rulers and dictatorship, which is fine.....khush!

                              The only problem is .. that with democracy, if a person doesn't do well, after 3 yrs or 5 yrs, he may be kicked out in elections.

                              With military rule, if a person is not doing good, how will he be kicked out? Will army remove him, will corps commanders remove him? Did they remove Ayub or Zia? No. That is my only problem with army rule. There is no exit route. Moon ko lag jatee hai, phir aap jaisay log naaray martay hein "CE for Pres", uss say dimagh ko bhi char jaatee hai.

                              If you were born 10 years before you were born, in early 80's you would have been a big fan of Zia too. Such an islamic figure. Bhutto... yikes! Que comparison! Thebn he had a referendum, and became President. There was no escape route... and guess what? "Tayyara phat gaya".... that's what happened.

                              So, my dear 18 yr old... go, root for CE. But unless you learn to trust the people of Pakistan to make the right decision, sorry to say, we will be making the same mistakes again and again.

                              Democracy doesn't stabilize in 10-15 years... it takes 40-50 years. You are a student of international relations and politics. Let us know how long it took for USA for a stable democracy. They had fights, heck, they even had a civil war. It doesn't happen overnight. They had some of the worst presidents. But they stick with their plan.

                              You need to be patient and you need to give it time. You just got fed up in 15 years (1985-1999) and assume that we are not fit for democracy, cz we elected losers again and again? Kachra saaf karnay mein time lagta hai, mere jaan. These short-cuts and danda-geeri may be short-term pills, but they are not a cure.

                              Even the golden years of Ayub (60's) could not provide a permanent path to progress. Military rule is just a short-term excuse. We need to figure out long-term solutions.

                              Kuch samajh mein aaya?

                              I admire our military. But they have a specific purpose. To defend the country. If you get them involved in the running of the country on aa day-today basis, whats to say that they will not be afflicted with the same problems which creep into our politicians? Unka bhi satiyanaas hoga aur hamara bhi...kissi ko to baksh do!

                              Its fine they came, when they came. But they should plan to move out and leave the running of the country to the people best suited for it. If General saab thinks he is the best person for the job, he should also learn to trust the people of the country and the decisions they make.

                              (Uff! itna waqt barbaad karr diya. chalo, back to work!)