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Pakistan and technology

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    Pakistan and technology

    A couple of weeks ago there were a couple news item in the papers regarding Pakistans tech sector. One was regarding phone service, which is now being provided within 24 hours. And i just learned today that the line rent for PTCL is at Rs. 350. I believe that is a very affordable figure.

    There was another news item regarding internet bandwidth rates going down for the third time in two years....thus making internet in Pakistan the cheapest in all of Asia. Bravo to the government for that as well.

    Now today, through a cousin of mine, i learned that cell phones can be found in just about everyones hand in Pakistan these days. The reason is not a fashion statement....the reason is affordability. Try is on for size. A company called Ufone is offering cellphone service for Rs 83 per month. Rs 7 per minute for outgoing calls, and incoming calls are free. WOW is all I can say. At this rate, Id rather have a cell phone in Pakistan than a landline phone. How many countries in the world can boast of that?
    Not that I mean to compare Pakistan with any other country, but the fact remains, the current Pakistani govt has invested where it counts. I can still see people complaining about bad road conditions, pollution, ban on politics etc and high cost of living. But with this positive investment made by the government in making anything related to computers dirt cheap, I believe the onus is on the public now to utilize these facilities and get computer education. That education will obviously lead to better jobs, which will counter their 'high cost of living' argument.

    Problem with pakistanis is that we all want to maintain a high high standard of living, even though we might not be able to afford it. We have to take matters in our hands and take responsibility for what we earn and what we spend. We cant cry and shout at the govt for everything that goes wrong in our backyard.

    Folks, USE the facilities that are available. Make the best of them.