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Will India let Pakistan rule her or vice versa?

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    Will India let Pakistan rule her or vice versa?

    Hi all,
    This is not intended as an insulting post to anyone but rather something that will provoke constructive arguments.
    The question is not being of the ruler or the ruled but how the rule is carried out. If Pakistan becomes a model country (Islamic state) today in which the rights of all are safe guarded and minorities are protected by law, will the Indian population desire to merge with Pakistan or come under its protection. The same scenario can be reversed. What will it be? I am reading Lawrence James, "The Raj" and it got me thinking why a country of 150 Million (then) was being governed by a few thousand foreigners? The answer is simple. Both the muslims and hindu rulers had failed their people. The greed and savagery of the lords had totally alienated the majority of the people from their rulers. The reason why The Raj met its end was for the very same reasons. IS it not the case now in India-Pak?
    Have we come to a point where we will accept our worst enemy as our ruler with the hope that it will set free the sufferings of the majority of people in the Sub continent.

    What do you all think?????

    Yes to both options if:

    Pakistan wins the support of atleast a simple majority (which in India) means about 30-35 different political parties, strewn across the nation.

    and India wins the support of 30-35 military rulers, strategic advisors and Islamic jihadists of Pakistan.