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Re:(Sabah the moderator closing the thread about Indians)

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    Re:(Sabah the moderator closing the thread about Indians)

    Pyari Baji, salam,
    My new post was just about why the Indians come here to say bad stuff about our country and relegion. And even after listening so much. Please try to understand.
    Shukargozar ve neik khoiashmand.

    W'Salaam Reza,

    We do not allow over members to post religious insults at our forums, but if we oversee something then please help us, you can either send a mail to the forum moderator or to the gupshupadmin. As for bashing Pak, it's advised to respect nations, if someone posts objectionable stuff we do edit / delete it, but we can't stop our members from discussing problems we have in Pak. Try to ignore threads you don't want to see, don't encourage others to post idiotic posts by replying.

    In any case chanda you're not allowed to curse or insult any member of our boards, okay.



      I have seen the usage of f-words (in slightly modified forms to avoid automated detection) three times here in my limited experience with this community (and honestly, all three times were by Pakistanis - or atleast by members who seem to favor Pakistani views most of the time).

      And all these three times, I haven't seen any action by the admins or moderators. Not even a warning!

      Is it safe to assume that it is ok to use such words - and in your view point these words are a medium of expression of anger or other feelings and nothing more?

      Or is it safe to assume that it is ok for only Pakistanis or people favoring Pakistni views to use it?

      Or is it safe to assume that the quality and standards of this forum was over-rated by me when I got in here?

      I sincerely hope that all the above are wrong and it was just an error on the part of mods and admins to have overlooked it.

      A response would be sincerely appreciated and would be very motivating in making positive contributions to this forum.


        Not to mention, a couple of "Bast**d" usages ,use of slur comments like "indoos", "in-dust-an".

        Humbly may I placee before such users the fact that it will take us the same amount of time to coin funny slurs against Islam or Pakistan.

        I sincerely believe that for a good debator, use of such words isn't necessary to communicate her/his unhappiness with a nation or its people.

        But if it is the policy of this forum to permit such slurs on all religion except Islam and all nations except Pakistan, I am confident that we can play that game too.

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          K you don't know what you are talking about.
          Just to point out here on these forums Our Prophet has been insulted numerous times.
          Which has not be edited until a couple of days later.
          You don't see us jumping up and down complaining to the mods.
          You indians have indulted our nation, creed identity and still you think you should be treated equally.
          I personally think these mods do a fine job giving you guys the freedom of speech not shown on many indian forums.

          Now lets reverse the issue, what if this was an Indian forum, where i insulted all your gods, your people creed etc.
          Stuff i do presently in retaliation to your insults.
          How long do you think i would last on an Indian forum??
          I would surprised if i would last a day.

          So instead of being a hypocrit, deal with and shut up.


          I Came I Saw I ATE
          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            No body is jumping up and down. Stop being a cry baby. Shoot my argument with references not F-Words. And if you are incapable of doing that, hey and I am ready for any kinda game dude. You set the rules and I am here to play, whatever they are.


              Salam to all the muslims,
              Same point here brother, I cant believe how low their esteem is.
              Allah Wahed, Mohammed (RAW) Quaid.


                You want references eh??
                Well here is what Skv anand had to say about our prophet in world affairs:

                if I say that prophet was a rapist and he had a great lust for sex with minors, your Muslims will immediately fly like bees with open stings. CM will ask for a proof.
                Though, proof is very much there, in your holy books, but you are bound to keep your minds blocked.

                Now this is what Tuskar_14 had to say about Pakistan in Kashmir Affairs:


                What are we supposed to do??
                Jump up and down when we hear this???

                well you have the right of forming your own perceptions and believe whatever the ****ing English have to say.

                1 indian using the f word.

                Here is example #2 of him using the f word:
                You people would teach me about kashmir.well mr'whoever the **** you are'

                Case 3 regarding the f-word:

                The most common trick in the valley these days used by your so called ****ing jehadis is....

                Here is the link so you can check it yourself:

                All 3 times the censor edited it, but the mods did nothing.
                So what are you complaining about???

                Want more??
                I come up many many more!!!!

                CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE

                I Came I Saw I ATE
                You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                  >>I sincerely hope that all the above are wrong and it was just an error on the part of mods and admins to have overlooked it.>>

                  We'll try to improve the std Insha Allah, sometimes we don't have enough time to edit / delete, plus you never know how much freedom of expression ppl want. Plz drop us a mail when / if you feel that we're being unfair, in stead of assuming.

                  For the rest of you, it doesn't make sense to argue about who posts more insult, no one is allowed to post objectionable posts here, simple as that. So stop discussing this issue, we'll take care of it.



                    Hey CM, all this pales in comparison to what keza Khan had to say about Indians...unfortunately or fortunately that was deleted by I cannot quote any other forum this guy would have been banned for life..
                    So dont pretend to be aggrieved..its a level playing field continue playing...and leave crying to the babies...

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