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Did Pakistan give nukes to Bin Laden?

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    Did Pakistan give nukes to Bin Laden?

    Bin Laden said to have nukes
    Report: Extent of fugitive leader's arsenal 'no longer a doubt'
    By Jon Dougherty

    Fugitive Saudi terrorist-sponsor Osama bin Laden is now known to have nuclear weapons, putting to rest previous speculation that left the possibility open, according to a weekly intelligence newsletter.

    A report published in this week's newsletter, edited in part by Washington Times staffers Bill Gertz and Robert Morton, indicated that bin Laden's possession of nuclear devices "is no longer a doubt."

    "Saudi billionaire fugitive Osama bin Laden has nuclear weapons. The question is how many," the report said.

    Gertz told WND he didn't write the assessment, but that the newsletter's primary editor, Morton, had a stringer in the Mideast who verified the information. Morton was out of his office and could not be reached for comment.

    "Russian intelligence sources who are fighting bin Laden members in Chechnya believe [he] has a handful of tactical nuclear weapons," said the report. "Arab intelligence sources say the Al Qaida head has as many as 20 weapons."

    Al Qaida is the name of the terrorist group bin Laden leads.

    The report says "both sides agree" that the Saudi terrorist managed to acquire his weapons by supporting the Chechen cause with money and volunteers, in exchange for nuclear materials and technology.

    Bin Laden "received [it] from Chechen insurgents who raided [Russian] nuclear installations for fuel and components around the former Soviet Union," the report said.

    "With that came the recruits from among scientists from the former Soviet Union. The rest was easy," said

    The report said the actual location of the weapons is unknown, but "the assessment by both Arab and Russian sources is that bin Laden has managed to sneak at least some of the components to his lair in Afghanistan."

    Bin Laden is one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. He is wanted in connection with the Aug. 7, 1998, bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa -- one in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and the other in Nairobi, Kenya. Over 200 were killed in the attacks.

    He is believed to have a connection to the Oct. 12 bombing of the destroyer USS Cole as it refueled in Yemen, WND reported Oct. 26.

    The State Department had no comment on the report, but other intelligence officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told WND that any reports dealing with bin Laden are taken seriously.

    "Reports regarding bin Laden are always taken seriously and investigated," the official said. "He clearly poses a threat to U.S. interests around the world, so you can't dismiss every rumor out of hand. It wouldn't be prudent to do that."

    In January, the New York Times -- quoting U.S. officials -- said bin Laden's organization was making attempts to manufacture chemical weapons and "buy enriched uranium," one of the main components of a nuclear device.

    But as far back as August 1999, counter-terrorism experts said bin Laden may have acquired "up to 20 nuclear devices."

    "Yosef Bodansky, a researcher of the House Task Force for Counter-terrorism and author of a new book on bin Laden, told a news conference on Friday that bin Laden has been seeking to follow up on his bombings of two U.S. embassies in east Africa one year ago. Echoing U.S. officials, Bodansky said bin Laden was thwarted in plans to blow up the U.S. embassy and two consulates in India last December and January," reported.

    "It was also reported that bin Laden has biological, chemical and nuclear weapons and has received technical help from Iraq, Bodansky said. The nuclear weapons include suitcase bombs acquired through Chechen rebels," the paper said.

    "The Russians believe that he has a handful [of nuclear weapons]. The Saudi intelligence services are very conservative. ... They are friendly to the United States [and] believe that he has in the neighborhood of 20," Bodansky said, as quoted by the Internet paper.

    Bin Laden reportedly obtained and purchased the suitcase bombs from multiple sources, he said. He has a "collection of individuals knowledgeable in activating the bombs" and "is recruiting former Soviet special forces [to learn] how to operate the bombs behind enemy lines," Bodansky said.

    He noted that, according to his research, most of the weapons had been transferred through Pakistan.

    This is hilarious!!!!
    Oh good one Mohabbat.


    I Came I Saw I ATE
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Oh mohabbat you have really topped your all-time record for hilarious cut and pastes.


        Yosef Bodansky, is a known Islam basher and he obviously also hates Pakistan. He is an Israeli and also pro-India.


          Slider no matter who wrote it, it defies logic and common sense.
          Only and idiot would believe this.


          I Came I Saw I ATE
          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            wow.. what propoganda US can churn out....

            Osama Bin Ladin has been termed the greatest terrorist by US.. and we have not been shown a single shred of evidence..

            unlike say.. yitzhak Shamir (ex PM of Israel) who was wanted by many european govts. and international court for Justice for war crimes..

            from what i can figure out is after cold war US needed a bogey Man.. Saddam and Iraq did wonderfully for a bit... but US people did not see iraq so far away as threat.. so the danger had to seem real to get US public's support for the horrendous CIA expenditures.. and therefore the fable of Osama was created..

            and since the guy sorta is sympathetic to cause anyways.. it seems to fit..
            oh.. yeah.. Osama bin Ladin has continuously denied that he is head of any such organisation and has asked US for proof..

            it rings of similar bells and whistles against the two Libyans for Lockerbie bombing.. the courts found one innocent.. and did not have enough evidence to convict the other.. and therefore gave a crap sentence which would most probably be repealed anyways..

            US was certain and wanted the world to believe that these two people were responsible... and how wrong was it..

            it served US purposes at that time as Libya was thriving and developing arab state.. and would upset US's plans for mideast.. and therefore sought to neutralise it.. and became fairly successful at that as well.


              Bin Yamin(?), the founder of Israel was also a terorrist. He killed many Arabs through bombings etc.

              Amazing now how the tables have turned.


                Cant help laughing at this one

                Question is, the whole story, as much of a crackpot as it is, mentions nothing of Pakistan having provided the nukes....but our friend put the honors up for Pakistan in the very title of his post.

                Fact is, America is scared enough as it is of Osama bin Laden. Osama doesnt need to have nukes to scare them even more. Conviction alone does the trick.


                  Mindless anti-Islam articles of Bodanski and other anti-Islam Israeli and Zionist American "analysts" can be found at the Freeman center



                    Yosef bodansky is a Yehud and an Arab and Islam hater. No sensible and mature muslim would post his zionist inspired post to a site like this.