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Pak, Bangladesh hold joint naval exercises, India at sea

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    Pak, Bangladesh hold joint naval exercises, India at sea

    will it affect the balance of power in south asia .does india have to face two fronts?

    Pak, Bangladesh hold joint naval exercises, India at sea
    Jaideep Mazumdar
    (Kolkata, April 27)

    THE PAKISTANI Navy has just carried out full-scale exercises in the Bay of Bengal. Three Pakistani vessels — a frigate, an Augusta class submarine and a fleet tanker — were involved in the exercises that concluded on Thursday.

    Two Bangladeshi ships were part of the joint exercises between the two countries. The exercises were conducted within Bangladesh's maritime boundaries.

    However, neither Bangladesh (which hosted the exercise) nor Pakistan informed India as required by international convention.

    Indian naval officers told the Hindustan Times that the exercises have been on since April 13. The 85-metre frigate, Zulfiqar, was equipped with laser-guided missiles, anti-aircraft guns and anti-submarine mines. Fleet tankers, like the one used in this exercise — Moawim— are an integral part of such exercises.

    “Any country that conducts military exercises either on its own or along with another country always informs its neighbours in order to avoid the possibility of the activity being misconstrued as an actual build-up or hostile action. Such a (mis)interpretation can easily escalate into a flare-up. That is why there is an international convention in this regard,” a naval officer explained.

    The Indian defence establishment has been monitoring the movement of the three Pakistani Navy vessels ever since they left Karachi port a few weeks ago.

    “They (the three vessels) sailed down the Arabian Sea, passed through Sri Lankan waters and up the Bay of Bengal. They never strayed into Indian territorial waters. They were escorted into Bangladesh waters by a naval ship of that country,” said a Coast Guard officer.

    The brass at the Eastern Command is viewing the whole affair with suspicion. “Stronger military ties between Dhaka and Islamabad will definitely have a far-reaching consequence on India's security interests,” commented a senior officer at Fort William.

    What's even more worrying for the Indian defence establishment is that the three Pakistani vessels sailed away from Bangladesh on Thursday evening and are headed for Myanmar to conduct similar exercises with the Myanmarese Navy.

    When contacted for confirmation, a Ministry of External Affairs official in New Delhi said that the MEA had no knowledge of the joint naval exercise.

    Atal-Hasina meet on cards next month

    PRIME MINISTER Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina are likely to hold talks next month in a bid to defuse tension on the Indo-Bangladesh frontier, media reports said in Dhaka on Friday. Sheikh Hasina will make a stopover in New Delhi around May 17 on her return from Brussels, where she is scheduled to attend a UN meeting. Foreign Secretary Syed Muazzem Ali when contacted on Friday morning, neither confirmed nor denied the report. (PTI, Dhaka)


    Yeah and a boost for our FP, we are the first to dock the Burma port!!!!!!!
    We should try and build confidence measures between Burma and the rest of the world.
    Like we did with china and the US.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!