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Iranian Security Chief in Pakistan !!!

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    Iranian Security Chief in Pakistan !!!

    Why is the Pakistani media so suprisingly quiet over this??? I wonder what's wrong?

    Iran-Pakistan Talks Get Under Way
    April 25 2001

    TEHRAN A high-ranking Iranian delegation led by the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), Dr. Hassan Rohani, arrived in Islamabad, on Tuesday. At the airport, the delegation was received by Pakistani Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar, Aziz Khan, who is in charge of Afghanistan and Central Asian affairs at the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, and other high-ranking Foreign Ministry officials.

    Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar said that Pakistan puts great importance on its relations with Iran and is interested in expanding relations. He added that the transfer of Iranian gas to India via Pakistan is a positive development and Islamabad supports it.

    On his arrival, Dr. Rohani said that his visit would open up a new era of bilateral relations between Tehran and Islamabad.

    He said, "Relations between Iran and Pakistan have always been good and in accordance with the wishes of the two nations. Iran and Pakistan share many things in common in the cultural, religious, political, economic and geographic spheres. These common bonds can play a great role in boosting bilateral relations."

    Rohani added, "The main objectives of my visit are to further boost bilateral relations and to discuss the issues pertaining to improvement of these relations."

    Speaking on the occasion, the Pakistani foreign minister said, "Pakistan hopes that serious and fruitful talks between the two sides will take place during the visit. The visit by the Iranian officials has provided a good opportunity to the Pakistani authorities to seriously discuss bilateral, regional and international affairs. I hope that by keeping in view common cultural, religious and historic values, both Iran and Pakistan can further boost their bilateral relations," Abdul Sattar maintained.

    Why is it surprising for the media to be low key on this? Im sure they are not 'quiet', just low key. This is a routine matter. Pakistan and Iran enjoy friendly relationship dating back to the inception of Pakistan. This is a delegation headed by the security council chief. Had it been someone senior, he would have gotten more exposure naturally. But as we have it, this is a part of many many delegatory exchanges Iran and Pakistan have every year on a routine basis. So its nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to be surprised about.


      Well PTV mentioned it with some video...

      But all newspapers silent.


        Incorrect check todays dawn and news.
        There are articles and editorials etc.

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!