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Pakistan cradle of great civilisations: Youssoufi

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    Pakistan cradle of great civilisations: Youssoufi

    pakistan's hertitage should be preserved
    should not allow talibanisation to destroy
    ancient heritage.
    ----------------------------------------------TAXILA: Moroccan Prime Minister Abderrahmane Youssoufi on Tuesday said
    Pakistan is a cradle of great civilisations and "I will urge my
    countrymen and other people to take benefit of its great cultural
    heritage." He made these remarks while talking to APP after visiting
    the Taxila Museum. "I was pleased to see all these relics and
    artefacts. It has proved that this country has seen world's brilliant
    civilisations and cultures."

    Youssoufi said he was greatly impressed by the beauty and splendour of
    Pakistan's cultural heritage. "It is a big treasure for Pakistan as
    well as for the entire humanity," he added. "I will urge my countrymen
    as well as every person to visit this fantastic museum. It is really a
    great historical heritage."

    Earlier, the Moroccan premier went round different sections of the
    archaeological museum, which reflects the cultural history and varied
    achievements of the people of Taxila from the middle of fourth
    millennium BC to the 6th century AD.

    The dignitary was informed that from the vast collection of
    antiquities recovered from the excavations at Taxila, over 7,000 rare
    and preserved objects have been displayed in the museum. These objects
    have been classified into Gandharan sculptures in stone, stucco and
    terra-cotta, gold and silver jewellery, coins, inscriptions and
    writing materials, domestic articles, house-hold vessels, toilet
    articles, personal ornaments, pottery, tools and implements, war
    weapons and miscellaneous objects.

    things from the past should not be destroyed..

    for one basic reason..

    if we destroy signs of past...we will lose the ability to see why the previous races were destroyed ..

    if you do not learn from the past you are bound to make the same mistakes again..

    just look at the sites which have been preserved for us to see what will happen to us if we start to deviate from the path laid down for us..
    1. herculanium and pompeii.. people preserved in their daily life for rest of the world to see and take heed.
    2. Taxila
    3. Moenjodaro
    4. Sphinx.. and Pyramids
    5. stonehenge
    6. Machu pichu
    7. Guadalaharra (aztec pyramids)

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      Agree completely with Black Zero:
      Also to add:

      Babri Masjid
      Bamiyan Buddhas