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Allah Musharraf ko sumjhao...

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    Allah Musharraf ko sumjhao...

    A prayer for the countries poor...

    All praise to allah...
    if only the almighty cud grant us one..
    if only he cud bring musharraf around
    to solve the problems of..
    the poor rather than teh rich
    if only the army cud realise
    that the industrialists are rich
    that the generals are rich
    the agriculturists are rich
    the politicians are rich
    the traders are rich
    the bussinessmen are rich
    the only poor in this country are..
    low grade workers,the unemployed
    in mills, factories, govts,fields,shops
    it is not the grade 22's , the MD's
    who have problems,but the poor
    it is not the salaries of the rich
    that are insufficient....
    it is not boys educated in teh usa
    who cant find jobs....
    maybe the general will understand
    the almighty rather than us....
    the people of this land...
    who see his strange manners
    and lack of understanding
    it is the poor who fear..
    teh expensive atta, electricity
    and of course the sui gas...
    maybe he would understand if he
    had only a few thousand to live on
    maybe if his children suffered
    the pangs of hunger and unemployment
    had no dress which was not torn
    and no american education
    than might be he wud see the light
    and not rush to develop the
    lights of karachi but the
    poorer areas of this his country too..
    which have patiently waited
    for each primeminister, president
    and general and chief executive
    might they not wilt in waiting
    for that midas touch...
    the taxes that u collect
    they have a right to them too...
    dont u think....
    o brave unkind warrior
    have u forgotten the poor
    the undeveloped areas..
    have u no sensitivity ...
    do u only see the problems of
    the rich the better developed
    what is there to develop in karachi
    there are a thousand areas in
    this country more in need...
    in need of your thoughts, your money
    and your plans...
    realise soon....
    or u too will be consigned to the
    failures in our history
    may allah grant u a kinder exit
    than the others who forgot
    the land , its people and those in real need...
    for after all it is not the rich that need
    a kind hearted ruler , a benevolent mind...
    may allah forgive u for creating the problems
    that u so thoughtlessly create for the poor
    the unemployed and those in difficulties...

    allah musharraf ko sumjhao..
    allah musharraf ko sumjhao...

    Ikram Ul Haq

    your ce mr musharraff is much better than your politicians