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    desh kai haalaath

    : Desh kai HaaLaath
    Josh ke khom mein aaj bhaRa madHosh zamaaNa hain
    Khom ke hoshiyaari ko nashOn ka josh nai maaRa hain

    Yahan zameer, beh-GharRahThi kai neend meh qhaiD hain
    Yahan jagtThi huwye laShAIn aasSi azadDi peh nehaal hain

    IQbal ka khWab ka kya hua
    IQbal ka dia hua naam ka upMaan hua

    Azaadi ka khWab ka kya hua
    ShaHeedo kai lashOn ka apMaan hua

    Aaj SaaChy, zaMaNai ko mahLoom nahin
    Aaj rishWuthmein, zaMaNa masRoof hoGyia hain

    Kabhi lashOn or khoon nai, Desh ke azadDi khaReedDi thi
    Aaj rishWuTh ke JehBon nai, oos azaDee ko khaReeDa hain

    Kabhi mazHub kai puKaar nai, Desh ka khWab jagGia tha
    Aaj mazHub kai pukar nai, RishWuth ko saaThi bunHia hain

    Aaj masJid mein bhi, rishWuth ke baaTh chulThi hain
    Yahan zakat nahin, rishWuth bukhShish ke naam sai dehJahThi hain

    Aaj mulVi or dhoKanDar mai koi farQ nahin
    Aaj masJid or baZaar mein kohi farQ nahin

    Desh kai muzHub nai, auruTh ko aZadi or izZuth dhalWahHee thi
    Desh nai ab muzHub kai naam, auRuth ko ghuLaami ka kaaLa coffin
    pehNia hain

    ORo ke auRuthOn ko ankhAin, gur, gur kai dekhThai hain
    Apne auruThOn ke ankhAIn, parDai kai andehRai mein duhFun karThai

    Yahan hijaab nahin, khaLa coffin pehNahThai hain
    Yahan hijaab nahin, muzHab ka muzZaak pehNahThai hain

    Islam nai tho talLeem ko, noor kehlLia tha
    Is Desh nai Islam ko, andherOn mai dufNia hain

    RasSool nai taalLim sai, muzHub ko bharRia tha
    Is Desh nai talLeem ko andherOn mai dufNia hain

    RasSool nai apne Khom ko, khulM or KhalMai ke tarRuff bharRia
    Aaj ke taaleem nai, jawaanOn ko chahKoo or bunDooKh ke tarRuff
    bharRia hain

    Aaj madRahSOn mein bachChoo ko insaaNiYuth nahin sukAhThai hain
    DaakLeeYuTh ke din, rishWuth ke pehLi nuMahIsh dekhaThai hain

    Kabhi usTaad, Iqbal, Ghalib or sharRiYuth, sukKahThai thai
    Aaj shahGird, usTaaD ko apNai butWai dekhAhThai hain

    Kabhi taLeem, jahHil ko moMin bunaThi thi
    Aaj JahHil, moMin ko JahHiliYuth suKahTha hain

    Kabhi khulM or khaGhez nai, aadMi ko InSaan bunHia tha
    Aaj khaGhez kai tookROn nai, Aadmi ko haiVaan bunHia hain

    Kabhi khaGhez kai tookROn nai, aaDmi ka zaMeer bharRia tha
    Aaj khaGhez kai tookROn nai, aaDmi ka zaMeer lootTia hain

    Kabhi Desh kai rakhWalLai, Desh kai saivVa mai masRoof thai
    Aaj kai NathaOn, desh ko LootaNai mai masRoof hain

    Yeh khom ko; Roti, Kapada aur Makan, kai waadDai karThai hain
    Khom ke Roti, Kapada aur Makan sai, apne he jaiBai bharThai hain
    Aaj tho yeh Khuda ke fitrat, ko bhi nahin chorThai hain
    MarkaZi dhamaKOn sai Aakaash ko heeLahThai hain

    ZaMeen ko heeLahNa, yaHan ke khomi jazBah or muzBhi shaan hain
    Khuda ke fitRuth par har humla, JiHaad mein bhi haRaam hain

    Yahan muzHub ka izHaar hain, par momin ka iMaan nahin
    Yahan KhalMai ke tahLahWuth hain, par karmO ke DikhLahWuth nahin

    Yahan diYai rangeen hain, par in DiYo mai roshNi nahin
    Yahan suraj ke kirNaiy hain, par kirNao mao koi uJaaLah nahin

    Har anDhera ka tho, saVera hoTha hain
    Is Desh kai saVera mein bhi, anDhera hoTha hain

    Kabhi PooRub, roshni ke hiFaZuth karTha tha
    AndherOn mein bhi, Paachim ko roshni beJhTha tha

    Aaj roshni Paachim meh jagThi hain, aur Paachim meh he sohJahThi
    PooRub nai rooshni ko tookRahia, or Paachim kai AndherOn ko apNia

    HuMaara Desh, aaj PaaChim kai andherOn ko, phujTha hain
    Oossi Paachim ke roshni ko, yeh Desh, ghuNa maanTha hain

    Kabhi PooRub nai apne roshni sai, Paachim ko AndherOn sai
    NekaalLah tha
    PooRub nai kabhi Paachim ko apNa pichLa zaMaaNa LoTaHia tha

    Aaj PooRub nai guZarRah huwa ZaMaaNa AndherOn mein guwahDia hain
    Ab GuzerRai huwYe zaMaaNai ke roshni, PooRab nai PaaChim sai he
    neKaalNa hain

    Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

    I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat

    Bhoot khub nia,

    I bet you didnt understand 1/2 of it hence u r Confused icon.LOL he he

    I wont be surprised if the moderetor move this to the poetry section .

    I dont think so ,but moderetors are knowm to do things .


    "jo kHat main kahte they apni jaan mujhko
    aaj kHat likhne main unki jaan jaati hai .....


      You write that??
      It is damn good.

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        Originally posted by FYI:
        Bhoot khub nia,

        I bet you didnt understand 1/2 of it hence u r Confused icon.LOL he he

        I wont be surprised if the moderetor move this to the poetry section .

        I dont think so ,but moderetors are knowm to do things .

        janab itne buri urdu bhee nahe hai...kashi samhaj a gaya tha....aur wese koshiih to karte hon... (dictionary was a big help)
        Life became all Gray! But NOW i have decided to paint it all over again.

        I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat


          hi to all of u !!!!!!!
          agar yehi baat hum logo ko samajh aa jati to aaj hamara mulk
          aaj taraqqi yafta mulkoon main manaa jata
          lekin........ yehi wjah hai hum taraqi nahi
          kar saktay agar hum apnay aap ko sudhar lain to saara mulk sahi ho jaey
          hum zamanay ko to sudharna chahtay hain lekin apnay aap ko sudharnay kay liyay tayaar nahi yehi humari negative sooch humain aaj yahan tak lay aai hain
          achcha agar kisi ko bura lagay to mujhay maaf kar dena lekin apnay grebaan main zaroor jhaank kar dekhna chahien
          aaj kay liyeay khuda hafiz


            Originally posted by FAMA:
            hi to all of u !!!!!!!
            agar yehi baat hum logo ko samajh aa jati to aaj hamara mulk
            aaj taraqqi yafta mulkoon main manaa jata
            lekin........ yehi wjah hai hum taraqi nahi
            kar saktay agar hum apnay aap ko sudhar lain to saara mulk sahi ho jaey
            hum zamanay ko to sudharna chahtay hain lekin apnay aap ko sudharnay kay liyay tayaar nahi yehi humari negative sooch humain aaj yahan tak lay aai hain
            achcha agar kisi ko bura lagay to mujhay maaf kar dena lekin apnay grebaan main zaroor jhaank kar dekhna chahien
            aaj kay liyeay khuda hafiz

            I like you to read this Imran Khans reflection when he was younger.I think every youth goes through this stage.Some fumbble & fall here to get lost & some like Imran,find themselves,some in christian call born again christian,i prefer ,SAVED by Allah,for this marks the turning point in thekife of every adolescent Sab ko mallom hai yahen pe aake phislte haine.

            attributed to **Imran Khan**

            In Pakistan We Have Selective Islam

            My Generation grew up at a time when colonial hang up was at its
            peak. Our older generation had been slaves and had a huge inferiority
            complex of the British. The school I went to was a similar to all
            elite schools in Pakistan, despite becoming independent, they were,
            and still are, producing replicas of public school boys rather than
            Pakistanis. I read Shakespeare which was fine, but no Alama Iqbal.
            The Islamic class was not considered to be serious, and when I left
            the school I was considered amongst the elite of the country because
            I could speak English and wore western clothes. Despite periodically
            shouting Pakistan Zindabad at school functions, I considered my own
            culture backward and Islam an outdated religion. Amongst our group if
            any one talked about religion, prayed or kept a beard he was
            immediately branded a Mullah. Because of the power of the Western
            Media, all our heroes were western movie or pop stars. When I went to
            Oxford already burdened with this hang up from my school days, things
            didn't get any easier. In University not just Islam but all religions
            were considered anachronism. Science had replaced religion and if
            something couldn't be logically proved it did not exist. All
            supernatural stuff was confined to the movies. Philosophers like
            Darwin who with his half baked theory of evolution was supposed to
            have disproved the creation of men and hence religion.Moreover, the
            European history had an awful experience with religion, The horrors
            committed by the Christian clergy in the name of God during the
            Inquisition had left a powerful impact on the western mind. To
            understand why the west is so keen on secularism, one should go to
            places like Cordoba in Spain and see torture apparatus used during
            Spanish Inquisition. Also the persecution of scientists as heretics
            by the clergy and convinced the Europeans that all religions are

            However, the biggest factor that drove people like me away from
            religion was the selective Islam practised by most of its preachers.
            In other words, there was a huge difference between what they
            practised and what they preached.. Also, rather than explaining the
            philosophy behind the religion, there was an over emphasis on
            rituals. I feel that humans are different; to animals whereas the
            latter can be drilled, humans need to be intellectually convinced.
            That is why the Quran constantly appeals to reason. The worst of
            course, was the exploitation of Islam for political gains by various
            individuals or groups.

            Hence, it was a miracle I did not become an atheist. The only reason
            why I did not was the powerful religious influence wielded by my
            mother on me since my childhood. It was not so much out of
            conviction but love for her that I stayed a Muslim. However, my Islam
            was selective, i.e. I accepted only parts of the religion that
            suited me. Prayers were restricted to Eid days and occasionally on
            Fridays, when my father insisted on taking me with him. If there was
            a God I was not sure about it and certainly felt that he did not
            interfere with my life. All in all I was smoothly moving to becoming
            a Pukka Brown Sahib. After all I had the right credentials in terms
            of the right school, university and above all, acceptability in the
            English aristocracy, something that our brown sahibs would give their
            lives for. So what led me to do a lota on the Brown Sahib culture and
            instead become a desi? Well it did not just happen overnight.

            Firstly, the inferiority complex that my generation had inherited,
            gradually went as I developed into a world class athlete. Secondly, I
            had the unique position of living between two cultures. I began to
            see the advantages and the disadvantages of both the societies. In
            western societies, institutions were strong while they were
            collapsing in our country. However, there was an area where we were
            and still are superior, and that is our family life. I used to notice
            the loneliness of the old-age pensioners at Hove Cricket ground
            (during my Sussex years). Imagine sending your parents to Old
            Peoples' Homes! Even the children there never had the sort of love
            and warmth that we grew up with here. They completely miss out on the
            security blanket that a joint family system provides. However, I
            began to realise that the biggest loss to the western society and
            that in trying to free itself from the oppression of the clergy, they
            had removed both God and religion from their lives. While science can
            answer a lot of questions, no matter how much it progresses, two
            questions it will never be able to answer: One, what is the purpose
            of the existence and two, what happens to us when we die? It is this
            vacuum that I felt created the materialistic and the hedonistic
            culture. If this is the only life then one must make hay while the
            sun shines-and in order to do so one needs money. Such a culture is
            bound to cause psychological problems in a human being, as there is
            going to be an imbalance between the body and the soul. Consequently,
            in the USA, which has shown the greatest materialistic progress and
            also gives its citizens the greatest human rights, almost 60 per cent
            of the population consult psychiatrists. Yet, amazingly in modern
            psychology, there is no study of the human soul. Sweden and
            Switzerland, who provide the most welfare to their citizens, also
            have the highest suicide rates; hence, man is not necessarily content
            with material well being he needs something more.

            Since all morality has it roots in religion, once religion was
            removed, immorality has progressively escalated since the 70's. The
            direct impact of it is on the family life. In UK, the divorce rate is
            60 per cent, while it is estimated that there are over 35 per cent
            single mothers. The crime rate is rising in almost all western
            societies, but the most disturbing fact is the alarming increase in
            racism. While science always tries to prove the inequality of man
            (recent survey showing the American Black to be genetically less
            intelligent than whites) it is only religion which preaches the
            equality of man. Between '91 and '97, it was estimated that total
            immigration into Europe was around 520,000, and there were racially
            motivated attacks all over, especially in Britain, France and
            Germany. In Pakistan during the Afghan war, we had over four million
            refugees, and despite the people being so much poorer here and in the
            NWFP, they suffered a considerable loss in their standard of living
            as a result of the refugees yet, there was no racial tension, No
            wonder, last year in Britain religious education was reintroduced in
            their schools.

            There was a sequence of events in the 80's that moved me towards God
            as the Quran says: "There are signs for people of understanding." One
            of them was cricket. As I was a student of the game, the more I
            understood the game, the more I began to realise that what I
            considered to be chance was, in fact, the will of Allah, the pattern
            which became clearer with time. But it was not until Salman Rushdie's
            Satanic Verses that my understanding of Islam began to develop.

            People like me who were living in the western world bore the brunt of
            anti-Islam prejudice that followed the Muslim reaction to the book.
            We were left with two choices: fight or flight. Since I felt strongly
            that the attacks on Islam were unfair, I decided to fight. It was
            then I realised that I was not equipped to do so as my knowledge of
            Islam was inadequate,.Hence I started my research and for me a period
            of my greatest enlightenment. I read scholars like Ali Shariati,
            Mohammad Asad, Iqbal, Gai Eaton, plus of course, a study of the Holy

            I will try to explain as concisely as is possible, what "discovering
            the truth" meant for me. When the believers are addressed in the
            Quran, it always says, "Those who believe and do good deeds." In
            other words, a Muslim has dual function, one towards God and the
            other towards fellow human beings.

            The greatest impact of believing in God for me, meant that I lost all
            fear of human beings. The Quran liberates man from man when it says
            that life and death and respect and humiliation are God's
            jurisdiction, so we do not have to bow before other human beings. As
            Iqbal puts it, Wo aik Sajda jisay tu giran samajhta hai, hazaar
            sajdon say deta hai sadmi ko nijaat.

            Moreover, since this is a transitory world where we prepare for the
            eternal one, I broke out of the self-imposed prisons, such as growing
            old (such a curse in the western world, as a result of which, plastic
            surgeons are having a field day), materialism, ego, what people say
            and so on. It is important to note that one does not eliminate the
            earthly desires, simply that instead of being controlled by them,
            one controls them.

            By following the second part of believing in Islam, I have become a
            better human being. Rather than being self-centred and living for the
            self, I feel that because the Almighty gave so much to me, in turn I
            must use that blessing to help the less privileged. By following
            the fundamentals of Islam rather than becoming a
            Kalashnikov-wielding fanatic. I have become a tolerant and a giving
            human being who feels compassion the under privileged. Instead of
            attributing success to myself, I know it is because of God's will,
            hence humility instead of arrogance. Also, instead of the snobbish
            Brown Sahib attitude towards our masses, I believe in egalitarianism
            and strongly feel against the injustice done to the weak in our
            society according to the Quran, "Oppression is worse than killing."
            In fact only now do I understand the true meaning of Islam, if you
            submit to the will of Allah, you have inner peace.

            Through my faith, I have discovered strength within me that I never
            knew existed and that has released my potential in life. My education
            programme that I intend to announce in March is far more
            ambitious than the cancer hospital project. I feel that in Pakistan
            we have selective Islam. Just believing in God and going through the
            rituals is not enough one also has to be a good human being. I feel
            there are certain western countries with far more Islamic traits than
            us, especially in the way they protect the rights of their citizens,
            or for that matter their justice system. In fact some of the finest
            individuals I know live there. What I dislike about them is their
            double-standards in the way they protect the rights of their citizens
            and yet consider citizens of other countries as being somehow
            inferior to them as human being, e.g. dumping toxic waste in the
            Third World, advertising cigarettes that are not allowed in the west
            and selling drugs that are banned in the west.

            One of the problems facing Pakistan is the polarisation of two
            reactionary groups. On the one side is the westernised group that
            looks upon Islam through western eyes and has inadequate knowledge
            about the subject. It reacts to any one trying to impose Islam in
            the society and wants only a selective part of the religion. On the
            other extreme is the group that reacts to this westernised elite and
            in trying to become a defender of the faith, takes up such intolerant
            and self-righteous attitudes that are repugnant to the spirit of

            What needs to be done is to somehow start a dialogue between the two
            extreme. In order for this to happen, the group on whom the greatest
            proportion of our educational resources are spent in this country
            must study Islam properly. Whether they become practising Muslims or
            believe in God is entirely a ;personal choice; as the Quran tells us
            that there is "no compulsion in religion." However, they must arm
            themselves with knowledge as a weapon to fight extremism. By turning
            up their noses at extremism is not going to solve the problem. The
            Quran calls Muslims "the middle nation", i.e. not of extremes. The
            Holy Prophet (PBUH) was told to simply give the message and not worry
            whether people converted or not, therefore, there is no question in
            Islam of forcing your opinions on any one else.

            Moreover, we are told to respect other religions, their places of
            worship and their prophets. It should be noted that no Muslim
            missionaries or armies never went to Malaysia or Indonesia. The
            people converted to Islam due to the high principles and impeccable
            character of the Muslim traders. At the moment, the worst
            advertisement for Islam are the Muslim countries with their selective
            Islam, especially where the religion is used to deprive people of
            their rights. In fact, a society that obeys fundamentals of Islam has
            to be a liberal one.

            If our westernised class started to study Islam, not only will it be
            able to help our society fight sectarianism and extremism, but it
            will also make them realise what a progressive religion Islam is.
            They will also be able to help the western world by articulating
            Islamic concepts. Last year, Prince Charles accepted that the western
            world can learn from Islam during his speech at the Oxford Union. But
            how can this happen if the group that is in to best position to
            project Islam gets its attitudes from the west and considers Islam
            backward? Islam is a universal religion and that is why our Prophet
            (PBUH) was called a mercy for all mankind.

            The Death of Lady Diana was very touching and was felt by all races
            and religions. As far I would like to comment on the subject goes
            that she had a great interest and admiration for the religion of
            Islam. She would always be inqusitive about it. After my marriage to
            Jemima she saw the wonders of Islam and how it had reformed Haiqa. As
            I hope, it has made the world realise that marriage to Dodi was not
            to be by the Grace of Allah. Maybe it would have been a great threat
            to the West of Lady Diana reverting to Islam, or even carrying an
            Islamic name, as she would have still been a mother of a future King.
            Only Allah knows the Truth, but all I can say is that she like Prince
            Charles had a great Interest in the religion. And the probability of
            Lady Diana reverting were excellent


            "jo kHat main kahte they apni jaan mujhko
            aaj kHat likhne main unki jaan jaati hai .....


              Originally posted by nia_khan:
              janab itne buri urdu bhee nahe hai...kashi samhaj a gaya tha....aur wese koshiih to karte hon... (dictionary was a big help)

              I am peased hat you are learning urdu.Life is about learning ,And i hope you continue .I am self taught in urdu too .My life is richer B/c of it not to speak of pride in calling urdu your language.
              "Ro Ro kay kiss tarah sey kati raat kya kahaiN
              Murr Murr kay kee hai kaisey sahar kuchH naa poochHya

              Cheers,Allah Hafiz