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    P.M.SHAKES UP ARMY--  Breaking News
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    Musharraf shakes up Army

    ISLAMABAD: Continuing his efforts to consolidate hold on the army,
    Pakistan's military ruler Gen Pervez Musharraf on Sunday carried out
    another major reshuffle among the top military posts transferring the
    Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief from a powerful corps commander
    posting to head the Army Training Institute and promoting the ISI chief
    to the rank of lieutenant general.

    It is the second time Musharraf, who is also the chief of the army
    staff, has made changes in the command after assuming power in a
    bloodless coup in October 1999.

    "It is strictly a routine affair and there is nothing political about
    it," a senior military official said. "The shuffle is to accommodate the
    six major generals who have been promoted as lieutenant generals," the
    official who did not want to be named said.

    Major General Tariq Majeed was appointed as Director General Military
    Intelligence replacing Major General Ehsanul Haq who has been appointed
    as Corps Commander Peshawar.

    Major General Ghulam Mustafa has been appointed as Corps Commander
    Mangla, replacing the PCB chief, Lieutenant General Tauqir Zia who has
    been appointed as Inspector General Training and Evaluation. An official
    announcement said Zia will retain his job as the PCB chief. The Nation
    newspaper said that Zia was shifted as he was perceived to have been
    too occupied with his cricket board job.

    The outgoing Corps Commander, Peshawar, Lieutenant General Imtiaz
    Shaheen has been posted as Chief of Logistic Staff at General

    Four other major generals have been promoted to the rank of lieutenant
    general including Major General Mohammad Akram of the country's powerful
    Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). They are to continue in the same

    Akram being retained in his present posting, media reports said, raised
    speculation that he was likely to be made the deputy chief of the army
    later this year. Musharraf, who is also chief of the army, recently said
    that he would not retire in October as scheduled and would extend his

    At present he holds three important posts, including the chief executive
    of Pakistan, a post which was created after the coup incorporating the
    powers of the prime minister. Musharraf is also the chairman of joint
    chief of staff committee.

    In a more significant reshuffle in September, Musharraf changed some of
    his key military officials who took part in the coup. He replaced the
    chairman of the anti-corruption National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and
    appointed a new Chief of General Staff (CGS).

    Lieutenant General Muhammad Yusuf Khan, Commander Strike Corps, Multan,
    was appointed as CGS and replaced Lieutenant General Muhammad Aziz Khan
    who took over as Corps Commander, Lahore.(Agencies)

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    "jo kHat main kahte they apni jaan mujhko
    aaj kHat likhne main unki jaan jaati hai .....

    Do you only read Indian papers?
    Now this report has several inaccuracies you wouldn't have found in a pakistani newspaper.

    Gen.Musharraf doesn't need to 'consolidate' his hold on the army. As chief his hold is already complete.
    Changes have to be made because senior officers retire and juniours have to be promoted. Gen.Tauqir was not moved because he was too occupied but because his time in command post was up.
    The article also calls Gen.Akram chief of ISI when he is not so.


      According to the ISPR statement, Major General Mohammad Akram, who is at present serving in the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has been promoted as Lieutenant General in his present appointment with effect from April 16.


        There is a difference between being posted in ISI and being it's chief.


          Forget Rvikz he is smokes ganja before coming on here.
          Nothing he says makes any sense.

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!