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    I think most of us on GupShup are living outside Pakistan, as some of us immigrated to other countries or some are on student visa and trying to get work authorization, etc. So my question is should we stay in these well advance countries permanently, OR after gaining some experience we should go back and serve our country? But if we stay in developed countries we know after earning some thousands of dollars we all eventually have to die. But if we really want to stay in develop countries we should also ask ourselves: Are we going to leave good future for our kids? Will we be able to make our kids strong enough to live in this culture as a minority and preserve their identity as Muslims, generation after generations? Am I fulfilling my responsibility to serve Islam and help Pakistan to progress while staying in another country?

    Your thoughts/comments please.

    Kiyon... Sabb La-Jawaab ho gaye

    No reply, no response... no nothing


      Originally posted by K-2:
      Kiyon... Sabb La-Jawaab ho gaye

      No reply, no response... no nothing
      to get responses, u have to write on topics popular in pakistanis like 'indians have no brain, unlike pakis' 'WB and UN ststistics shows that pakis have biggest brain in world.' or 'why indian brains are going down the drain' and things like..


        Don't worry guyz, this topic just started. It'll take some time before we get to know whats happening.

        This is not a reply in religious perspective, it is just a personal opinion with respect to the social perspective.

        When I look at this country, I feel that a lot has damaged because educated people leave the country. We're left with uneducated ones in all fields of the country. Except for a top few persons, the entire government, bureaucracy are uneducated, not academically perhaps, rather with respect to reasoning, and analytical and social perspective.

        To cut the stuff short, I am moving over to United States, but I do plan to come back. I do not know how much I will be able to contribute, perhaps a small business would give a little to the economy, and provide employment to a few fellow citizens. If nothing else, I think even having a job in this country will be a contribution.

        But we really do need to think about this...
        What I am doing, I call it a detour, and to an extent learning.



          If everyone does a little, we all can do a lot. 'Kataray kataray say daraya banta hai'
          How about getting involved with some Pakistani groups (like IT, engineers, doctors, business, etc. groups) who provide assistance to Pakistan in different fields? I mean at least keeping in touch is beneficial for both us and Pakistan.


            Nice Topic K-2,

            In Guppu group, some of us are born and raised in the West

            >> So my question is should we stay in these well advance countries permanently, OR after gaining some experience we should go back and serve our country? <<

            I would say that depends, you can raise your kids anywhere in the world according to your own religion and morals etc. You might have to fight more in some countries then others, raising kids in Pak or any other Muslim country doesn't guarantee anything, else you'd see angles coming out of Pak

            Anyway, brain drain is a serious problem, however some countries have learned to benefit from it as well. In Pak's case mostly uneducated ppl are leaving Pak which is okay, actually it's great as they send money back on regular basis, even though it's fake economy it's fine. Pak has always encouraged brain drain so ppl got used to this 'easy' solution. Well-educated ppl in countries like US, UK, France, Germany etc can make a lot of difference for Pakistan by creating strong Pak lobby. Pakistanis techies from US have supported Pak tech sector with millions, they couldn't have done that from Pak. Also Pakistani in multi national companies creates a reputation for other Pakistanis, their working moral and intelligence, that's another way of marketing our 'ppl' and our country. Pakistan should create a stronger feeling of nationalism in Pak so whatever any well-educated Pakistani does could benefit Pak in some way.


              what makes someone have allegiance with some country..

              My parents were from Hyderabad Deccan.. and moved to pakistan. since then they have lived all over the world...

              I do not hold allegiance to Pakistan but do wish it well..

              Why don't i old allegiance.. because I look to the future with lessons from the past.

              a lot of arabs came to India in 800-1300CE and made it their home... (my family as an example came from Iraq and Turkey) .. to a land with majority of non-muslims.. why did they move..

              for economic prosperity of course... in addition to spreading the word of religion...

              so what is so different for me... i did not chose to leave pakistan.. i was never their to begin with... so i have never felt allegiance to Pakistan..

              the world is my oyster.. and according to islam these boundaries are nonexistent.. the world is allah's on loan to us.. so where ever I am it is allah's land.. and that is what is important..

              i mindless arbitary boundary does not make me have allegiance to it... it is quite illogical to say the least