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    National Institutions

    It is beyond doubt that National Security Council will soon have a permanent place, most probably in the constitution, otherwise will be forced in the executive branch of the country.

    Current government's plans to devolution of power bring Deputty Coordinators under Nazim and Naib Nazim and shall perform duties accordingly. Nazim and Naib Nazim are not elected on political basis, whereas MNAs and MPAs in the previous system had a political ground. On disobeyence by Deputty Coordinator, if he does so with the will of the ruling party, Nazim has no formal method of checking on the bureaucratic system. Comments?

    Also, would it not be a better option to COMPLELETELY autonomize all the institutions, for instance police, judiciary, intelligence agencies, press and all the ministries. All of these shall have their respective heads in the National Security Council, and all the personell cared for by the institutions themselves. In the existing system, transfers, promotions etc were provided by the ruling party. Should we not make instutions separate as in the case of army, and probably the only reason for its being so much professional in handling of matters AS COMPARED to other instutions of the country. Comments...

    Law in general would be handled by police and judiciary, and performance of these would be checked on by FBI, CIA and NAB.

    M. Omer Iqbal