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PAT Claims And The Facts In The Local Bodies Elections

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    PAT Claims And The Facts In The Local Bodies Elections

    You people might have noticed in the newspapers that a number of groups claimed victory in the second round of the LB elections held in the third week of March. Both PPP and PML(including their dissident factions) have their tall claims about their victory. Benazir bhuto is specifically lamenting her parties victory in the western media.

    Pakistan Awami Tehreek which is participating in the elections with the name of Awami Group, claimed to sweep away over 4700 seats overall out of about 20,000 total seats, with 487 Nazim/Naib Nazim panels and 250 women seats.

    According to election commission of Pakistan the turnover for this round of elections was about 59% which is a record in the last 20-25 years. One wonders, that with the electoral process quite complicated comparatively why we see this enthusiaism among the masses in the electoral process. It is a fact reported by many indepenent sources that in many remote areas the polling stations were short of ballot papers due to unexpected participation of the people.

    Why we are seeing this immense interest by the people in elections? If they had to choose PPP or PML then why in their own political tenure, they didn't show any such trend? Why the polling percentage remained below 35% for almost last 10 years during the political governments?

    Are they motivated by the slogans of the current government? Noway! They have seen increased and increased inflation and rise in the prices of daily used commodities. How can they be motivated by the government which didn't provide any relief to them? Which is following the dictations of IMF and world bank and is not caring, what impact it could have on the already miserable lives of the common people.

    An independent eye would look for other reasons for this tremendous participations of the masses in the elections. One quick guess could be that people might have seen some new political force and a political leader, which holds the guts to make their dreams a reality. Who knows their problems as he has been part of them and who had also suffered and shared the problems faced by the nation during last 54 years.

    Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri is undoubtedly has emerged such a popular political leader, recently in the political arena of the country. He has been very successful in reactivating his political party and mobilising the masses to actively struggle for the establishment of a true Islamic and democratic society where all their rights as a human being are guaranteed by the state.

    Undoubtely there appears no other active political force these days, which could be accredited for this higher participation by the masses, except Pakistan Awami Tehreek of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri.