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Stranded Pakistanis In Bangladesh

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    Stranded Pakistanis In Bangladesh

    How can a country NOT honor its citizenry,who were with them at the BIRTH of the nation ,desrve to be treated like lepers.Iam not sayng India & usa are doing to Pakistan for its role in creating the mess of stranded Biharis as this Pakistan News Sevice to day report,but even as neytral unbiased iobjective obsever,would i vote for this natured group og people .I dont think so.

    Stranded Pakistanis living miserable life in camps in Bangladesh
    Updated on 2001-04-02 12:17:18 
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    DHAKA, April 02 (PNS): Bangladesh celebrated 30th anniversary of its
    establishment last week.

    An enthusiastic atmosphere was witnessed throughout the country but
    there were some people who stayed away from these celebrations.

    They took part in such celebrations neither this year nor during the
    past 30 years.

    These are the people who do live in Bangladesh but do not enjoy its

    Let's say there are not the citizens of any country of the world.

    They are generally called as Biharis but they still like to be called as
    stranded Pakistanis.

    Bangladesh came into being after Pak-India war in 1971 but seven lakh
    citizens of "occupied East Pakistan" suddenly realised that neither
    Pakistan wants to take them back nor Bangladesh is prepared to keep them
    in the country.

    A BBC correspondent after visiting the camp, revealed, "There is a
    Bihari camp in Dhaka, called Geneva Camp.

    But whoever gave it this name did a big joke with stranded Pakistanis.

    As I entered the camp, a stinking smell made it difficult for me to

    The camp, littered with garbage, was extremely narrow.

    I have seen the stable of swine but believe me that this camp was worse
    than that place.

    The lanes were so narrow that it was difficult to take out the funeral

    Yasmeen, 20, daughter of Chairman of the camp, was born here, married
    here and gave birth to her child in the same camp.

    Her whole world is a small room.

    Her brothers, sisters, parents and husband also live in the same one

    "If one dies, we feel extremely difficulty in taking him out of his
    house and the camp.

    There is a permanent queue in front of the bathroom.

    There are 8-12 people on one house of single room.

    We cook and sleep in the same room.

    It is very difficult to observe "pardah".

    Reporters visit here but they publish nothing in their papers in favour
    of us", she tells her horrendous story.

    No doubt, there is nothing in the camp.

    Neither there is drinking water nor electricity.

    Medical facilities are negligible and there is a one-room school, where
    students have no facilities.

    And if any body tries to live outside the camp, the Bengali society is
    not prepared to accept them.

    Majority of these people want to got to Pakistan.

    The headmaster of the only school of the camp Muhammad Shaukat Ali says,
    "These people were given option in 1994 to got to Pakistan but later
    there was no progress.

    Our documents are with the Pak embassy in Bangladesh.

    Under the agreement signed between Khalida Zia and Nawaz Sharif on
    August 12, 1992, a flight carried stranded Pakistanis consisting of 56
    families to Pakistan in Mian Channu.

    Although the documents of 1000 families are complete but only 56
    families were repatriated to Pakistan".

    Dr. Robert Pradue of School of Oriental and African Studies in London
    has a deep knowledge of the issue.

    He says, "The successive governments in Pakistan have been compelled by
    the fear of the annoyance of the people not to take them back whose
    family roots are not in Pakistan".

    Pakistan has its own compulsions and it is not interested in
    repatriation of another 3 lakh Biharis.

    And the residents of Bihari camps in Bangladesh are well aware of it.

    However, Shaukat says, "We want to go to Pakistan, as it is our
    ideological motherland.

    We speak Urdu and Pakistan is our motherland, therefore, we want to go
    there." Bangladesh is not ready to keep them in the country.

    Owing to this argument of the Biharis, the stand of Bangladesh is
    getting tougher.

    Deputy Foreign Minister of Bangladesh Abul Hassan Chaudhry says, "We
    want that the Pakistanis who are stranded here and want to go back,
    should got to Pakistan as according to their wishes, as early as

    We will provide them all facilities so that they could go to Pakistan as
    they call themselves as Pakistani citizens".

    Several youth want to leave the camps to begin a new life.

    Deputy Foreign Minister of Bangladesh said, "If some people express
    loyalty with some other country, it is not in my or any other body's
    jurisdiction to stop them.

    It is their desire, which must be fulfilled".

    It is very clear from the statement of Mr. Chaudhry that this country is
    not ready to accept and grant citizenship to these refugees at any cost.

    The refugees complain that Pakistan, Bangladesh and India have forgotten
    them for good and they have become such a tragedy of the contemporary
    ear at which no body is there to mourn.

    The question that who is responsible for the situation is tself a big
    tragedy as no body is directly responsible for that.

    India does not want to accept its responsibility because it says that
    they and their elders had willingly left India.

    And the next generation had no like with India.

    Bangladesh says when it was struggling for independence, they had
    refused to recognize Bangladesh and claimed to be citizens of Pakistan.

    They want to show themselves as Pakistanis.

    And according to Islamabad, they have no connection with Pakistan.

    The real cause of the issue is that none of these three countries feels
    responsible for this issue.

    Perhaps all these three countries are responsible for the tragedy.

    These refugees hold Pakistan responsible for the situation but also bank
    on the same country for their future.

    Pakistan is their dream.

    Former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif had kindled their hopes when he
    was Chief minister of Punjab.

    "When Nawaz Sharif won the elections with thumping majority, it was so
    enthusiastically celebrated here that the sweet shops were not able to
    meet demand for the sweet.

    The people distributed sweets in a huge quantity.

    When he was Chief Minister Punjab, he had promised that when he will
    become Prime Minister, he will repatriate all the stranded Pakistanis.

    So this was the reason of our celebrations.

    The people also offered 'nawafil' in mosques.

    But it is regretted that when he assumed power, he forgot us.

    As a result of this breach of promise, he was removed form power today",
    Shaukat revealed.

    The stranded Pakistanis have made an organization and photographs of all
    those Pakistani leaders have been pasted on walls of the office of this
    organization who have promised to repatriate them to Pakistan.

    The photographs of Nawaz Sharif and Ziaul Haq are also there.

    The photograph of the present military ruler Gen. Pervez Musharraf has
    also been prominently pasted on the wall with the hopes that the voice
    of the Biharis will be heard by him.

    Aamirs Comment

    When Benazir Bhutto & Nawaz Shariff ,&all the leaders of Pakistan,claim they are muslims of Pakistan,they shame all 150 million of its citizens.What good is to hold a flag that is no more than a piece of cloth,A piece of land ,that is just renamed into PAKISTAN after partition with no change in status of its people.What was the excuse of forming a MUSLIM league when it might as well have been called Bangali League,Or Punjabi league & they with Jinnahs brit.barrister degree could have settled an autonomous states without nationhood which it doesnt have any right to call itself now.Nation is a group of people not people within the geographical boumdaries as Mr. Jinnah explained & pleaded.
    During the interim govt of 30s the states that sent muslim leagues as representatives to the council were Maharashtra,U.p. Bihar,W,Bengal,hyderabad,m.p. gujrat &where ever muslims constituted significant enough to field muslim candidates.PAkistan was built or given for all like minded muslims .Alas ,the plunderer of Pakistan & there forefathers had devious design of not sharing the country with the muslims who left there mother lands of bihar ,maharashtra,u.p. madhy pradesh hyderabad,..


    barque(bijli) yoon akadti hai apne karname pe ke
    jaise phir naya hum aashiyaan bana nahi sakte

    ITs a shame for pakistan, i dont know what is the reason why we would not solve this issue. if we can keep so many afaghanis than why not some more pakistanis.


      I would like to know what Holy Islam says on such a strange condition.


        Originally posted by TAZZ:
        ITs a shame for pakistan, i dont know what is the reason why we would not solve this issue. if we can keep so many afaghanis than why not some more pakistanis.
        reason pakistanis consider afgans are superior to bihari muslims


          well iam sorry to say that the plight of bihari muslims is a blot on not just pakistan but on all muslims.
          pakistan was created with the blood of the muslims of the subcontinent and the muslims of up and bihar were at forefront and they were the people who gave the supreme sacrifice .in terms of life and property and in terms of cultural loss.
          these peoplesacrificed a entireway of life for thier religion and what did they get in return? its very very tragic.
          all pakistanis concern for kashmiris will be hypocritical as long as biharis are in those refugee camps.


            I feel really bad for these Pakistanis as they have gone through a lot and I think that they should be brought to Pakistan. It is just the misunderstanding that prevails among Pakistanis who confuse biharis with bengalis and hence are against their arrival to Pakistan.

            To answer skv anand question, the holy islam says that there shouldn't be any barrier as it's all God's land. If muslim leaders don't understand this then it is another matter.


              The inherent problem is secterianism,rascism agaainst own religion ppl. sindhi ,punjabi,bihari,mohajir And Bihari term is used for all NON BENGALI muslims ,in bangladesh ,i.e u.p. hyderabad,m.p. orissa etc.Here in the eyes of Bengali,BIHARI, is a deragotary term used in Calcutta for all NON bengali manual workers ,So bengali call all non bengalis as "bihari"


              "jo kHat main kahte they apni jaan mujhko
              aaj kHat likhne main unki jaan jaati hai .....


                Originally posted by FYI:
                The inherent problem is secterianism,rascism agaainst own religion ppl. sindhi ,punjabi,bihari,mohajir And Bihari term is used for all NON BENGALI muslims ,in bangladesh ,i.e u.p. hyderabad,m.p. orissa etc.Here in the eyes of Bengali,BIHARI, is a deragotary term used in Calcutta for all NON bengali manual workers ,So bengali call all non bengalis as "bihari"

                call bangladeshis whatever u like, they offered biharis BD citizenship twice. The Biharis rejected it since they consider themselves pakistanis and Pk does not care two hoots about them since they do not come with any teritory. on the other hand, it raises cry on kashmir, since kashmiris, if they come, will come with real estate.


                  Originally posted by skv anand:
                  I would like to know what Holy Islam says on such a strange condition.

                  What islam says is proof of what happened to all the butchers involved in this genocide .Starting from Indira Gandhi who layed a conspiracy with Sheikh Mujibur Rehman the coward bhuka bangali traitor to arrogant drunkard Bhutto ,Zulfiqar to yahya & rest allwere despecable ppl. worse than butcher who sacrificed others life & god was just not to LET THEM ESCAPE THE SAME FATE OF UNNATURAL VIOLENT death that they arranged for bengalis ,biharis & hindus alike.



                  When was i for real?
                  I am myself a dream
                  I always see you
                  watching me tenderly