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Afghanistani refugees dying in Pakistan

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    Afghanistani refugees dying in Pakistan
    The United Nations has accused Pakistan of breaking an agreement to allow adequate food and medical supplies to reach an Afghan refugee camp.
    A UN spokesman said children at the Jalozai camp near Peshawar were dying every day, a situation exacerbated by Pakistan's decision to only allow limited amounts of supplies to be delivered there.

    "Children are dying unnecessarily," Kris Janowski said.

    "The refusal to supply aid to these desperate people is incomprehensible because it doesn't really get anybody anywhere."

    This is the same mentality as the mullahs in afgahnistan who are their people's worst enemy.....

    That's curious. Infoman has done the same thing as Durango and only pasted half of the article. Let me complete it for you my Indian friend:

    The Pakistani ambassador to the UN defended his country's actions.

    Shamshad Ahmad said the UN was not providing enough aid inside Afghanistan, and running a big relief operation in Pakistan would only attract thousands more refugees across the border.

    A wave of more than 170,000 Afghan refugees has poured into Pakistan since September following a catastrophic crop failure and an escalation in the country's civil war.

    Aid appeal fails

    There are now about one million Afghan refugees in Pakistan, along with an estimated two million illegal immigrants.

    But Pakistan has stopped welcoming the refugees, as it tries to revive its own economy and emergency UN assistance runs out.

    The UN has raised barely 10% of an estimated $339m earmarked for Afghanistan, pledged by Secretary-General Kofi Annan during a visit to Pakistan last month.

    Donor countries' anger at the activities of the ruling Taleban, especially its recent destruction of Buddhist statues, is thought to be a factor in their unwillingness to provide aid.


      aap kiyo mar rahey ho ???

      Pakistan is doing more than what it can do for Afghanis.. let me ask, ever think about what good india is doing for her neighbours?
      other than creating problems !
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