Pakistan Post Office desired to increase postal rates eg. Inland envelope from present Rs. 2/- to to Rs. 5/- on the plea, as the new Director General of Pakistan Post Offices stated that salary of postmen was too low and this tariff increase will enable department this badly needed salary increase. As usual the chair of concerned Minister spoke increase from Rs. 2/- to Rs. 5/- will not affect “common man” {it is not the man who speaks such things but it is the chair]. And as usual Cabinet approved it to Rs. 4/-. If my memories are not misguiding me very recently there was a news item that postal department under present management has earned a huge profit. Till today I am unable to understand how in new managements everywhere profits increase and when next management comes it declares loss. The example one nationalised bank whose previous president declared huge profits, new president stated bank was in loss.

Postman salary of course is very low and I wish it must be increased but not by increasing tariffs by 100%. It can be increased by managing and wisely controlling spendings. For example Postal Department is annually spending a huge on providing uniforms to postmen. Has anyone of us durng the last 20 years seen any postman in uniform anywhere may it be Karachi, Gujranwala or Faislabad.

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01 April 2001