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    I am Pakistani 10 year old. The other day a picture appeared in DAWN a sick girl of 3 or 4 years lying on open garden ground of National Institute of Child Care Karachi wrapped in blankets. Her mother sitting with her. Her father and other male sitting outside boundary of hospital on foot path where they have also put blankets on floor for sleeping. These people have come from interior of Sindh for treatment and has no place to live in. The photo gives tears.

    This is not the scene only in Karachi. My father says it is seen in all big cities of Pakistan. Thus with one sick others live more miserable life, neither they can go toilets nor sleep.

    Our rich people and multinationals can well afford repeatedly sponsoring TV/Radio full series of cricket matches etc but have no penny for such works. This hospital I know is already run by “unknown” philnothrophists who do not want to be named.

    Through your esteem I request that in the first stage an account may be opened for making any sort of building near this hospital in Karachi. For initial deposit my Rs. 7500 may be taken which I have collected from my different Eids and school money. Another account may be opened for Lahore for which I will also pay and my father too. Such simple building may be made where such people could at least have plain simple shelter with water and toilet facilities. I know getting space and construction is too costly near such places but there is no dirt in my beloved country of good people who will donate.

    But my specific prayer is this account should not be in hands of government or any government controlled department rather it should be independent run by private citizens in which Mr.Ardeshir Cowasjee and Abdul Sattar Edhi must be.
    Please take my money.

    25 March 2001

    [email protected]

    Mashallah, very noble intentions.

    I just need to understand a couple of things. As you mentioned, an account may be opened to make a building near the above mentioned it to house people who come from distant villages and places to this hospital, so they can have a place to stay while they get treated at the hospital? Or is it to provide permanent housing to those who are not as privileged as us?

    Either way, your intentions are very noble indeed, but I feel that if you go for an entirely new project, it will take a long time before people start benefiting from it. There are people (like Edhi) who have already invested a lot of time and effort, and have created the infrastructure for such a project. A quicker and perhaps better way to channel our funds to where they can be used in the best way possible would be to invest them with the Edhi foundation, where your money will enable them to provide the public with a variety of services, ranging from ambulance services to temporary, and even permanent housing to the needy.

    There are other organizations that work on certain dedicated the SOS villages, that work solely for orphaned and abandoned children, and daarul-amaan, which works for the restitution of women who find themselves isolated in society.

    However, this is not to say that its not a good idea to create an entirely new foundation that can accomplish these things on a different platform. The idea is great, and has the ability to bring society and citizens together in many ways, whether its through their monetary contributions, or volunteer services.



      My apologies I could not perhaps explain. I am a child of 10 years studying in V standard. Hence my limit to express.

      It is not a permanent house to live or new hospital. This is place for people who come with patients to big cities like to Karachi from hyderabad or villages and they do not have relatives, friends or money to live hotels. As in Pakistan I have seen one or two people should always remain with patient as any time any medicine can be needed, hence these people do live but they live in open space like Varandahs or compounds or under tree. And have no place for rest.

      For these people there should I think be a place like as I read in my story books in old age there were "public sarayaas" we should have such places constructed. It may be simple big barrack type.

      Account be only so people ordinary people may also share. Account be operated by committee comprised by people like Edhi, Ardeshir. It will take time but no matter in future it will benefit. Our elders sew mango trees well knowing they will not be able to eat mangos but they did so for their next children.

      I have given just a sketch but main thing is it should not be under any government servants control like DC, Nazims or ministers etc.

      This is not a difficult job but can be done very easily. My papa tells me in our Pakistan most people are very kind hearted only there is no proper guidance and people are shy and are not sure their money will be spent for the purpose they gave.



        One month salary from me for this account.

        Father of Anum Javed