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Pak doing it on its own.

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    Pak doing it on its own.

    Pakistan is in an economic slump but we are increasing our exports daily.
    Today we have started exporting oil, just behind killing our exports from India - sugar related.
    Pakistan is self-reliant in many aspects of things we should not import.
    Sugar and chemicals are just two of them.


    Export of petrol from next quarter

    ISLAMABAD, March 9: Pakistan is expected to start export of petrol from the next quarter that will
    earn $100 million of foreign exchange annually for the country, official sources told APP.

    After the commissioning of PARCO, the refining capacity has doubled and the country will have
    surplus petrol, which can now be exported, the sources said.

    "Eventually there will be 0.5 million tones of petrol available for the export and through it the
    government will earn $100 million annually," they added.

    According to the sources, Iran has shown keen interest in importing Pakistani petrol while some other
    countries have also shown their desire in this respect. "The deal will be finalized soon", said the

    Responding to a question, the sources said, the government is taking special steps to enhance the gas
    production of existing 2.2 billion cubic feet a day to 3.2 billion cubic feet in next couple of years.

    He said this would enhance the existing capacity of production to 45 per cent in the next couple of

    "We are only utilizing 15 to 20 per cent of our total gas potential in the country," the sources said while
    adding, the government has opened up this sector for investment to tap its full potentials for the
    economic prosperity.

    To another question, the sources said, the Ordinance to set up Petroleum Regulatory Authority (PRA)
    has been sent to the Cabinet for approval.

    After its approval, the PRA will be put in place and the existing Gas Regulatory Authority (GRA) will
    be merged into it, he added.-APP

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!

    we have a lot of potential,not only in gas etc but also otherwise.we need to start drilling in balouchistan at sites which were identified in 1997 as possible oil sites.the export promotion bureau is useless.they've been doing nothing for years.all the pricate companies are taking the lead.but hopefully,the epb will be history soon


      Actually we can't drill those sites as we have an agreement with Iran not too.
      I don't know for how long or what are the conditions.
      But they were signed during Bhuttos end-days.
      Plus i personally see the EPB as a must as the private companies don't have the time - money - connects with the rest of the world.
      The EPB is needed to help exporting.
      Heck they are responsible for our increase in textile and sport products.

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        Insha'Allah we will be exporting oil, arms, wheat, sugar, fruits, cotton and software. And luckily since we have the N-bomb we wont have sanctions against us to mess it all up. Especially with nuclear enabled submarines! Which can basicly go anywhere and if needded *boom* And have u realied that the indian defence budget went up by 15% last year and another 12% this year. Our defence budget did not go up at all. In real terms it went down. And the govt has pledged that it will not go up coz we still have the N-bomb.


          It is good news indeed.
          Well actually defence spending went on the up.
          Pristine gave a very logical and extremely lenghtly post on the topic.
          The defence spending is down because i believe all the salaries and pensions for the soldiers have been moved some where else.
          And these have gone up.
          So no spending on military equipment has gone down, but we are still spending more money.

          Also an article on the Navy.



          Pakistan Navy test-fires 2 missiles

          By Our Staff Reporter

          KARACHI, March 10: Pakistan Navy on Saturday successfully
          test-fired two missiles of the Exocest family.

          SM-39, a subsurface-to-surface missile, was launched from the
          newly-acquired Agosta sub 90-B PNS/M Khalid, and AM-39,
          which is the air-launched version of the same missile, from Atlantic
          aircraft. Both missiles were fired from near optimum range on to
          the target which was a decommissioned gearing class DD that later
          sank, said a PN spokesman.

          The Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Abdul Aziz Mirza, who was present onboard a ship, expressed
          satisfaction on the successful conduct of the exercise in the North Arabian Sea, some 80 nautical miles
          south-west of Karachi.

          "Pakistan Navy stands committed to safeguarding the vital national interests at sea, and is firm in its
          resolve to defend the motherland from aggression," he said.

          Briefing newsmen at PNS Mehran, the ISPR director of Pakistan Navy, Captain Zafar Iqbal, said that
          PNS/M Khalid was commissioned into the PN in September 1999 and this was the first time that
          SM-39 missile firing had been conducted from that platform.

          Capt Iqbal said that successful firing of SM-39 from a submerged submarine had added tremendously
          to the anti-surface capabilities of Pakistan Navy.

          Referring to the second missile, he said that AM-39 was fired from a recently modernized PN
          Atlantic, which had been retrofitted with state-of-the-art sensors.

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            Another sure sign that under the Great CE Pakistan's economic fortunes are indeed looking much brighter. Pakistan exporting oil is a fantastic example of the potential of Pakistan being finally unleashed!

            Pakistan in co-operation with the Gulf States, Iran and the Central Asian Republics is becoming a true West Asian power. Gas pipelines, export of electricity and gas and now oil are going to make us a leading energy producer in the region.


              More good news on the energy front and for foreign investment in Pakistan.


              Gas flow starts from Zamzama

              ISLAMABAD, March 12: Gas has started flowing from the Zamzama gas field to SSGCL system which, after its development, will add about 20 per cent gas supply of the country, besides generating an annual $400 million in revenues in the form of taxes, royalty and a participating share.

              The field is being operated by HHP Petroleum of Australia, on behalf of a joint venture with partners LASMO, Premier and Government Holdings. The Zamzama field was discovered in April 1998 between the towns of Dadu and Johi. When fully developed the field will result in savings in foreign exchange of around US $300 million per year.


                That is excellent news indeed.
                We have increased our exports and these will last for a couple of years, if not decades.
                As it is a smart move on the part of the CE and our finance and economic ministers to increase the raw material and scare goods production as oil and gas, as the world would need it.
                But if the US economy goes down, then these exports should remain constant as they these goods are greatly in demand.
                While our final goods exports will decrease.
                But these raw material exports should off set that.

                CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                  Originally posted by CM:
                  Actually we can't drill those sites as we have an agreement with Iran not too.
                  I don't know for how long or what are the conditions.
                  from what i understand,the agreement is only relating to deep sea drilling or something along those lines.we are free to drill anywhere in our own country.similarly,the agreement with iran is just a friendly agreement to let the other side know in advance where the deep sea drilling is taking place to make sure it isent a violation of territor.there is no agreement with anyone to stop us from drilling or looking for more oil in balouchistan etc.


                    Pakistan plans oil exploration roadshow in June
                    .......ISLAMABAD : Energy-deficient Pakistan plans to hold roadshows in Houston and London to attract investment in the exploration of its untapped oil and gas reserves, a government official said on Monday.
                    .......The petroleum ministry official told Reuters Pakistan would announce in April a revised onshore policy giving incentives to exploration and production firms to step up their activities in the country.
                    ......."We are working on the (onshore) policy right now, it is expected in April, much before the roadshow," the official said.
                    .......He said at the roadshows Pakistan may also offer a few new offshore and onshore blocks, for which data was being prepared.
                    .......Pakistan's offshore oil and gas exploration policy announced in January provides a four-year holiday on royalty payments on discoveries and creates ultra-deep exploration areas.
                    .......The policy allows oil companies to explore in offshore areas for a period of five years compared with the previously set period of three years. That period could be extended to 10 years if the companies made a strong case on a commercial basis.
                    .......Oil companies have also been given the incentive of recovering as much as 85 percent of their cost from the sale of newly discovered oil.
                    .......There have been no discoveries in the offshore belts but officials say the majority of the Pakistani waters have yet to be explored.
                    .......British Gas, Royal/Dutch Shell, TotalFinaElf and Ocean Energy are working on seven offshore blocks spread over 46,000 square km (17,750 square miles), industry sources say.
                    .......The official said military ruler General Pervez Musharraf's government wanted to boost efforts to find oil in untapped offshore belts to help cut Pakistan's oil import bill.
                    .......Pakistan uses 385,000 barrels of oil a day, but domestic oil production meets only 15 percent of that demand.-Reuters


                      Pakistan is poised to become the 5th largest natural gas producer in the world

                      By Muhammad Aslam

                      Pakistan is poised to become the 5th largest natural gas producer in the world, possibly during the next couple of years, after it puts into stream all the known and proven recoverable reserves though it needs massive capital investment.

                      According to official sources, Pakistan's proven gas reserves have touched a high mark of 24 trillion cubic feet after some big new finds in the lower and central Sindh oil belt, including the notable oil-rich Badin concession area.

                      Apart from Sui gas fields, the major new finds in Sindh are Qadirpur, near Ghotki, which has already been linked with the main stream, Jacobabad gas fields, Bukhari gas fields at Zour in Badin concession area, and Kindari in the Bhit Shah area. The Kindari field is the largest among the new finds, having an estimated reserves of two to three trillion cubic feet. Both development and exploration work in these areas is well in progress.

                      World's largest natural gas producers, apart from the Gulf countries which have put them into stream, are said to be Russia, the USA, Britain, and some of the Central Asian countries whose reserves are estimated to be well above 30 trillion cubic feet.

                      " Pakistan should have been an exporter of natural gas long ago had it managed to exploit its oil and gas reserves in Balochistan spread over a vast are of 375,000 sq km but security problems there still remain unresolved", said an oil expert of a leading multinational company now engaged in exploration work in central Sindh.

                      About two dozen foreign oil companies are now operating here and some of them have successfully drilled wells rich in oil and gas and leading among them are also spreading their wings into the safe areas of Balochistan with a measure of success.

                      Foreign companies have so far collectively invested about $800 million in the oil exploration business during the last about two years and some of them are already getting a fair return on their investment.

                      "Oil exploration is a very risky business but it pays in billions of dollars if one could put a finger on the right location," most foreign oil experts claim.

                      Pakistan is extremely rich in natural gas reserves as wells drilled so far turn out more gas than oil but both are precious in their own right.

                      The oil business needing massive investment revolves around four major pillars: basic infrastructure facilities, exploration, development and refining. Unfortunately, owing to financial constraints, Pakistan is not in a position to meet any of the demands adequately and hence the consequent neglect of this vital sector of the economy.

                      The Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDC) of Pakistan alongwith some foreign partners has been at work since the Sui gas find in the mid-50s but its share in crude oil production seems to have reached a saturation point at the total annual production of between 58,000 and 62,000 bpd.

                      "The target of producing 2.5 billion cubic feet of gas daily is still valid and is likely to be achieved, possibly by the end of the current year, to meet the rising local demand", officials say.

                      The scenario on the oil front has undergone a strategic change since the army took over some 18 months back as the new regime, apart from giving some major fiscal concessions to foreign investors, has met their security perceptions.

                      As a result, some of the major gas fields are in the final stages of finding their way into the main stream, while at the same time drilling work to find new ones by foreign companies is well in progress. Major users of gas are the independent power producers, fertiliser and cement industries, steel rerolling mills, and many other industrial undertakings apart from domestic users.

                      "Pakistan needs about $15 billion to develop and create infrastructure facilities at the new oil and gas finds and if it manages to line it up the economy of the country will tell a different story during the next couple of years", says an official associated with the oil sector.

                      After the settlement of tariff dispute with the Hub Power Company, of late, some of the leading foreign oil companies have shown their willingness to invest in this sector. They have been assured a full legal cover to their investment and some of them are expected to be here before the year is out.

                      Shah-e-Mardan Sher-e-Yazdan,
                      Lafatah illa ALI,
                      La Saif ila Zulfiqar


                        Excellent news and could you please provide a link??

                        CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



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                            MoUs worth $200m signed for software exports

                            By our correspondent

                            KARACHI: Minister for Science and Technology Prof Dr Atta ur Rahman on Sunday said Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) to the tune of over $200 million had been signed during ITCN Asia 2001 Exhibition. Dr Atta-ur-Rehman told The News that he attended the ceremony of signing of two-software development MoUs. KalSoft Private Limited signed two MoUs with two visiting foreign firms, one from the United States and the other from Singapore.

                            An MoU worth Rs50 million for software export to the United States was signed between CEO, Abdul Ghaffar Memon of KalSoft and Ooster Raza, CEO of eS2R, incorporated in the United States. The other agreement for US$20 million was signed between Kalsoft and E-Commerce Gateway Singapore.

                            The establishment of Pakistan Country Gateway was announced at ITCN Asia 2001 Exhibition, in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Sunday. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Atta said that the Development Gateway was needed since long. Steps to put it in shape were being taken by the IT professionals all over the world, who were very sympathetic to the cause of promoting IT in Pakistan, he added.

                            According to him, the very Gateway would open the doors for timely and speedy inquiries, during the process of software development and export. The project was coordinated by Ministry of Science and Technology, SysNEt Pakistan Limited and Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) with the World Bank.

                            It is learnt that the project would commence in four months. The total cost of the project has been estimated at $60 million and an initial amount of $75,000 had been made available by a financial firm to carry out a comprehensive study in this regard.

                            Talking to The News, Ghaffar Memon of KalSoft said: "We have also been appointed as sole representatives in Pakistan for complete outsourcing originating from eS2R, destined for Pakistan." He said that other regions would also be included under this MoU, which would add to credible channels redirected from Pakistan to other countries as well.

                            Ooster Raza of eS2R described it as "a very significant development" for them. He said it was the first step in working with Pakistan's IT firms, as more would follow since the progress so far promised an excellent working relationship. On the occasion, another MoU worth $20 million was signed between KalSoft and E-Commerce Gateway, Singapore.

                            The understanding thus established, promised software exports from Pakistan to Singapore firms. CEO of E-Commerce Gateway, Singapore, Wong Jeh Shyan termed the deal as an outcome of attending the ITCN Asia 2001. He said that if they had not attended this event, they would have been deprived of this marvellous opportunity to do business with Pakistan's IT firms.



                              Thanks man.

                              CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                              You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!