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A Democratic Pakistan

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    A Democratic Pakistan

    India and Pakistan have a common cultural heritage. Both the countries have a common spoken language. Religions are different to some extent. Islam in Indian sub-continent has borrowed a lot of things from Hindus.
    Both the countries started a new life in 1947. And dreams of our leaders were same.
    Our bureaucratic set up is same. In corruption we are good competitors.

    What is the problem? India has maintained a democratic structure of State all these years.
    Why Pakistan has been going through one after another military rule?

    Arrey wah itna kuch tau le liya aap se abhi bhi khush nahiN, ajeeb nedeeda pan hai khatam hone meiN hi nahiN aata. Aap yooN karo na ke aik cheez ham se le lo, hamara dil rakhne ko, is demo ko choRo aur wardi walooN ko aik mauqah do, lekin only if your CE loves dogs, nahiN tau mitti pao

    YooN tau aap kehte ho to theek hi ho ga, lekin Islam ne kya borrow kiya hinduism se, waise mujhe borrow karne pe aiteraaz nahin, just in case aap kabhi wapis maang leiN tau bande to ilm hona chahiye na status ka.

    On a serious note, is dhol ko choR ke kisi aur instrument ko bhi mauga deiN na kabhi.

    Hmmm sorry for this urdu / hindi, socha jab zuban aik hai tau issi se kaam chalaya jae, kisi aur ki zuban ko aaj weekend pe disturb kerna munasib nahiN ho ga

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      Well, it is simple.
      The military is just much better.
      And our religions are no way the same.
      They are polar opposites.
      And Saba baji could you translate that for those who don't speak a mixture of punjabi and urdu???
      Like me!

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        CM kaise Pakistani ho aap? You don't know the difference b/w your national language and punjabi haiN? I only used two Punjabi words in the above post, mitti = dust, pao = put / throw. Rest hmm forget it, jhak mari hai


          Sabah ji,

          Hamne to puchha tha, apke yhan democracy kyon nahin. Apne hamein hi nasihat de di vardi apnane ki.

          Ab aap se kya bataen ki dhoti mein kitna saqun hei. Aur hava bhi khub lagti hei.


            Anand jee

            Muft meiN ehsan karne ka mauqa kaise jaane dete ham? Aur mohtaram jab hameiN aap ki dhoti pe koi ehteraaz nahiN to aap bhi hamari wardi ko nazar na lagaeiN.

            Aap apni dhoti meiN khush ham wardi meiN mutmain


              Sabah ji,

              Aap to naraz hone lage. Hamne to yahi puchha tha ke apke system ko zamhuriat kyon nahin bhati. Ye to aap hi hein ke nadeeda pan chabae ja rahe hein. Hamein aap ke avam se koi shiqva nahin.

              Vaese aapke vardi valon mein janab Zia-ul-Haq ko tarikh unki smile ke lye yad rakkhegi. Khusi ka mouqa ho ya matampursi ka, vo smile ke sath hi nazar aye.

              Abhi vale general kuchh garbar hein. Hamare bihariyon ki tarahan. Sa ko sha, aur sha ko sa bolte hein.


                religion could be a possible answer. even in muslim countries which have some democracy (Indonesia, Turkey) military plays a strong role. i dont think that it is because military is great or does a good job or people like military (as i have quoted an article from friday times, military is not less corrupt than civilians and is paid way better.) afterall military does not ask anyone before taking over power and is often looking over shoulders even when civilians are in power (like BB was not allowed to visit nuclear labs when she was prime minister.)


                  See i told you, i don't understand the mixture of punjabi and urdu you speak!!
                  Really i was just too lazy to try to read all that, and looked for the easy way out.

                  Each country must see the best model for itself.
                  I personally think the Military is the only one with the guts to take on the facted up elements of our country.
                  ZZ Turkey is a democracy my ass.
                  It is like saying Pork is halal.
                  Indonesia should become a democracy, if only Megawati Sukarno Putri starts playing hard ball and not wait for everything to be handed to her.

                  The military has done far better for pakistan than any of the democractically elected leaders.
                  And anyone care to translate the last couple of posts into english?
                  Yes i am very very lazy.

                  CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                  You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                    ZZ. True but with a condition. Religion only poses a problem when mixed with governance, otherwise it is not. The fundamental reason for democracy not to be successful or thrive in Muslim countries is because religion there has turned into a political rather than a spiritual movement. When public affairs are discussed in mosques you get a mess of disproportionate magnitude. Religion can only thrive in a democratic society, and not with a lack of it. No one in a democratic society questions oneís religion or practice of it, but in a religious society, you can see the consequences, e.g., in Afghanistan, Iran, and slowly Pakistan. Long live Khomeni.

                    I think there is more to it, I read in a book some time ago that Nordics will make even communism work if given to them. I think people in our part of the Globe are just lazy bums and no matter what system of governance they are presented with, they make mess regardless (some blame it on religion, others on political philosophy). The bottom-line is that no system works when people donít want to make it work.

                    Where is the article you are talking about?