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    Pakistan Survey

    For a comprehensive survery of Pakistan carried out by The Financial Times of London go to the following:

    Eighteen months after seizing power from an unpopular and corrupt elected government, General Pervez Musharraf, the army chief of staff, is confident he has stopped Pakistan's slide into chaos. He has another 18 months to demonstrate he can restore the country to solvency and honest governance, following a supreme court ruling that he must make way for civilian rule by October 2002, three years after the bloodless coup that toppled Nawaz Sharif, the now exiled prime minister.

    Overview - Slide stops but tasks remain
    Politics - Reforms under pressure from weak economy
    - General Pervez Musharraf: Interview extracts
    - Foreign policy
    - Privatisation
    Economy - Living in the shadow of debt mountain
    - Stock market
    - Tax reform
    Industry sectors - IT
    - Textiles
    - Banking
    - Telecommunications
    Profiles - Peshawar: Frontier town torn by two cultures
    - Dubai: trading port for business and pleasure

    Excellent news item, which i couldn't get to last time when xtreme yaar posted it.
    So here goes, i think we should discuss each point, and then move to another one.
    Lets start with the economy, spe. the tax reforms.
    Are they working\?
    I personally feel that they are, but he the CE gave into much during the negotiations.
    He should have threatened military manoveures to shut these idiots up.
    But we can't do anything about that now.
    So what does the FT say?

    At the moment, annual tax revenues just about pay for debt servicing and national defence, leaving other crucial areas such as national development to be financed through more borrowings. Only about 1 per cent of the country's population of nearly 140m pay income tax.

    Common knowledge and very true.
    That is why i think if you don't pay your taxes you are rounded up and physically beaten.
    Just the threat of that people will start paying what ever tax you want.
    And under what ever conditions.
    Another thing the govt can do is if there are strikes.
    You shut down the stores.
    Take all the wares and sell them in govt set up shops.
    This way the people get what they want and the lazy traders are screwed completely.
    They don't get no money, they strike is ineffective and the govt can confiscate their goods for not paying taxes, which can be sold to the people.
    So they lose in all possible cases.

    Many of the board's employees are poorly paid and have wide-ranging powers, a combination that breeds corruption. Businessmen complain of being harassed by tax officials and subjected to complicated bureaucratic procedures as penalties for not paying bribes.

    Again it is time for what the AUS cricket team is so good at, physological warfare.
    I personally think since corruption is haram, the punishment should be only one thing.
    That fear and actual implementation while scare the corrupt easily and will eliminate a majority of the corrupt officiers as they could be given the option to resign leave teh country with only the clothes on their back, and give all teh money back or face the axe.
    Present Pakistani society needs a strong hand, like Ayub Khans or Zia-ul-Haq's.

    "The key issue is not so much what is recommended to change the tax environment, but more importantly what is enforced in the end," says Tahira Afzal, a Pakistan-based economist with ABN Amro, the Netherlands bank. "In the past, too, we have seen bold recommendations which were eventually shelved."

    Implementation is the key as always.
    But we again need a strong hand, and i don't think that the present CE is that aggressive a person to send the military jawan to kill butt unless it is really needed.
    This is not military rule.
    Never has been never will be.
    Unless there i some serious but kicking.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!