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    The Minister of Communication the other day stated in post offices internet will be provided which will boost its working. Some years back we the nation were told turning the department into a corporation will boost efficiency. What efficiency it increased could not be seen by naked eyes of common man but what he saw of course was that it increased spending powers of higher postal authorities.

    2. Every year after February March each department concentrates too much with extraordinary speed spending necessarily or unnecessarily to ensure before lapse of financial year by 30th June budget available must be exhausted. For example mad rush of road and streets repairs is seen all over the country with only intent to award contracts to dear ones.

    3. On huge expense computers and internet is being supplied to different departments to show we are not a backward nation. But what a wonder, for example last year Punjab Government after spending banned internet in its offices on a foolish plea.

    4. Now communication minister wants to provide internet in post offices in major cities, of course intent is to spend money and place orders. What is the use of these internets? Postal Department Headquarters has internet since long and on huge expense its web site was established. I addressed Director General through email on 31 July, 3 August and 17 August 2000 requesting some information concerning encashment of defence saving certificates but never got any response till today. Its is said Internet speed up efficiency and gives communication top speed. What an internet or computer can do when man sitting in front of computer/internet is the same with old habits. Allah the Great may save my country - Ameen.

    Muhammad Javed
    04 March 2001

    Allah will save


      See the context of Internet in the villages and how it will affect life. The poor will see a result if they educate their children (which they might have not seen earlier). Insha'Allah the country is ont he right track and it just needs a slight push now...insha'Allah


        Oh my god!!
        What are we going to do??
        The Somali govt can have computer's in the govt office.
        People can own personal computers.
        But, NO, the Pakistani govt can't get computers, because it is a waste of money right??
        You ever heard of globalization?

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          I think it's a good movement and atleast the
          govt. started introducing computer and soon
          they gonna start free computer training in schools and colleges.We can not say that we got old type of people and they don't know nothing about the computer.Even in such a advanced country like Britain Govt. just introduced free IT training for every body because they noticed that there is a very small number of people over 30's know about the computer.And people are learning and pickingup so quick. We use to be learner once.DON'T FORGET, DR.QADIR IS A MAN WITH THE OLD BRAIN.

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            Good question by Javed.

            I don't think providing Internet to offices and post offices will speed efficiency, only if;

            -Staff is properly trained to use the computer and internet to speed up their work.

            -The reliability of the computer system. I have seeing computers in pakistan's offices since 80's but they are hardly used or they have fault.

            Until pakistan govt solve above two problems, they should not waste expensive resources and money to put computers in every office. Remember internet computing will put extra cost of internet bandwidth and extra staff needed to support the machines/internet/software. Can pakistan afford these extra costs???? I donít think so. May be in next 5 years it will be useful when the current generations getting trained on useful use of computer and Internet will be able to take over from old generation.

            "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"

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              I haven't seen office workers anywhere benefitting from the use of the Internet.

              Unless of course it is a corporate intranet, but I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing those in the Pak govt. for a long time to come