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    A Saudia airlines flight was delayed for an hour as a mobile phone of a women passenger was "on" which she forgot to "close" as a result of which plane's fuel gauge showed "zero" level reserve to the pilot before take off. Earlier a week back saudi authoritiesd fined (or perhaps imprisoned) a passenger for using her mobile during a flight.

    Apprehensions are increasing that mobiles do play some role if used during a light. Though mobile manufacturers deny this, in line as earlier they denied rays released by mobiles have anything to do with brain cancer, nevertheless logic of those who propose in-flight mobiles ban has some weight that it interferes or can at any time interfere with ATC pilot frequencies.

    PIA one of the best airline of the world which not merely gives a satisfactory in flight service but also has a good record of safety may perhaps consider banning use of in flight mobiles.

    May be PIA say they advise non use of mobiles before flight nevertheless there is no denying the fact that we as a nation do not care merely announcements, advices, etc but only we obey hard “stick”. Example is how many on non smoking seats smoke.

    I am not being alarmist. The risk may be far less than some scientists or aviation experts are claiming for fearing but there is a lot to be said for the old adage “better safe than sorry”. It is very easy to dismiss reports that the things we like may be bad for us and like all such things it is almost certainly a matter of degree.

    As a starter as we have a good exercise of recitiig Holy Verses before take off on our beloved country’s national airline PIA, likewise till a proper regulation is made banning use of mobiles, we may after every half an hour announce on inflight public address system we may tell passengers apprehensions about mobile phones.

    [email protected]

    9 December 2000

    Originally posted by S.A.J:

    PIA one of the best airline of the world
    ... umm no!! Best airline of Pakistan? Yes!


      definately one of the best airline in the world..if not the best....


        Just curious - on what basis do you rate PIA one of the best? How many different airlines have you used for you travels?


          PIA one of the best airline of the world which not merely gives a satisfactory in flight service but also has a good record of safety

          PIA one of the best....hahahahahah....never heard any thing funny like this before.

          Have you ever flown on PIA before making this statment, may you just trying to make a joke. If it was a joke then it sure is funny....

          Hello this is Pakistan airline we talking about....the one and only PIA which has no service, and no any kind of record...may be in flight delays..they are number one...but certainly not in customer service...or any other kind of service.

          btw. You don't work for PIA do you? You can tell me your secret is safe with me.



            hahaha.. This is getting funny!!


              I guess PIA might be the only airline he has ever flown, so he doesn't know about anything better than PIA.


                PIA Da Best....

                kerlo jo kerna hai!..

                meri bala se!

                PIA is DA BESTTT!!!!!!!....


                  acutally..i think PIA has improved...i had not been on it for god knows how long.....but i jsut did and somehow it looked better.....atleast the air hostesses were a bit more kind now :
                  standing alone on a street of broken dreams


                    kind now???
                    and when they were unkind 2 u??..

                    mujhay to ajj tuk koi kharab experience nahin hua!..i have used PIA..emirates..british airwayz..canadian..and many more..still i'll rate PIA above all these..keepin in mind the resources and sources they have..they are doin a hollova job..

                    if u ppl disagree..then WHO CAREZ!..

                    jao..roo baith ker konay mein...

                    PIA IS DA BEST!!...


                      [QUOTE]Originally posted by ^DerVaisH^:
                      [B]kind now???
                      and when they were unkind 2 u??..

                      mujhay to ajj tuk koi kharab experience nahin hua!..

                      maybe ure just sooo damn good lookin, isliye the hostesses were kind to u
                      but seriously....they think that their some sort of high priestesses'....especially the short plump ones (who need a chisel to remove all the makeup at the end of the day)
                      this particular one was really being a downright B(*&^%$, she started off ok but then got into "tu tarak"...and that was it....i gave her a whole lecture in english and u should have seen her pee in her pants....amazing how they respect u more if u talk to em in english (bhalay se samjh mein aye ya na aye)......buss...uskay baad...purri flight mein not only did she act kindly...but also gave me a rose and a box of choc's at the end of the bout hospitality eh?
                      but now....the airshostesses are all educated women.....

                      p.s) did u guyz know that the air hostesses uniform was designed by Pierre Cardin !!! amazing eh.....

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                      standing alone on a street of broken dreams


                        Dunnoo......When ever I travell PIA......and they come to serve dinner or something.....

                        I am always afraid that she'll slam the tray in front of me and say "Lo khaoo maro"



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                            If we read all the comments made by respected members of Pak.Org. Froum it will be observed none of the us are happy with the country. Having lived long abroad it is my experience only we the Pakistanis are the world over who criticise their own country, its traditions, its culture, its people forgetting completely we are from the same nation. I saw the Sikhs who hate much their government due to attack on Grudwara but I never saw even one sikh who ever criticised India.

                            The main point raised in above comments is when I say PIA one of the best airline did ever I traveled PIA.

                            I not merely traveled PIA but in many airlines of the world and to different destination. I had been a too frequent traveller. Alone, with my child and sometime with my husband.

                            When I say PIA one f the best airlines of the word, I never meant Best Airline of the world but one of the best airlines. And in fact it is.

                            I always found its concerned ground staff, air crew always co-operative and nice and in fact more caring and affectionate with ladies travelling alone or with their children. During the last 14 years I do not remember even a single occasion about which I should had a cause of any criticisim or complaint.

                            Now here is a point and that is “Is PIA an angle”. NO, never. There are cause of frustrations, bad behaviour sometime but at that time I remain judicious and always keep in my bad experience with other airlines including that PIA staff is amongst the same society from which I belong and they are not imported from any other world.

                            One of the famous international airline which has more than 100 flights a week from Pakistan to middle east, brings passengers from Pakistan (and india) , at a stopover at a UAE station sees which are the passengers looking illiterate or women travelling alone, off loads them to accommodate passengers having brought from Europe to fly them other destinations. Every now and then this situation is faced and there is one such incidence of a friend family whose mother got heart attack on knowing her daughter and children who were put on plane at Karachi did not reach destination (which daughter and children were off loaded at mid journey). Can any such thing happen on PIA, never ever.

                            I have travelled many a times on another world famous European airline (country electronic products of which are termed best in word, whose people are termed best sophisticated and. Were main party in world war). Once when I purchased ticket from their Karachi Office and as soon as reached home I got a telephone call they had issued me ticket for a wrong destination and asked me to come back. Once at a foreign airport when I presented my tickets for travel, boarding cards were issued. Boarding cards were issued in such a manner, that I was at one seat, my 4 years child was some 6 rows behind me alone and my husband at tail end. This was a marvelous arrangement of world famous airline. I have never experienced this in PIA.

                            Once I was travelling in another world famous big airline. Flight time was 05.00 pm. I reported at 03.00 pm as usual. Upto 06.00 pm neither there was any one to tell what happened, when will be flight nor a cup of tea. At 07.00 pm we were taken on plane which did not move. At 08.30 pm we were asked to come down on tarmac to identify our baggage which was lying tarmac. Reason was one passenger was missing. It was july hot days and at tarmac as usual no AC in plane. Children were crying. Not a single cup of water. At 10.00 pm flight took with without a word of apology.

                            Very recently about a month back one of my cousin was arriving through an internationally famed airline. Concerned airport (not Karachi but in a foreign country) told me flight was in time at 09.10 am. I reached at 09.00 when I found my cousin standing there because flight had arrived 40 minutes earlier to schedule. And it is not the single occasion of flights reaching before time and this foreign airport informing relatives flight was coming in time.

                            PIA staff, airhostesses, pilots all are from us, some brother, some uncle and so on. As are we same are those. They are amongst our own society. So why should we expect them other than what we do. We Pakistanis when come at foreign airport for travel we stand in line, we do not cross each other, we do not through rubbish on airport floor but as soon as we come out of flight at Lahore/Karachi we start pushing each other, throwing rubbish on floor as if it was our inherited right and yet we fee no shame comparing foreign airlines or foreign products with that of ours.

                            While these lines are being written a news item has come that Saudi Airline is looking for making any arrangements wherein passengers mobile phones are put on a shelf when on reaching destination passengers may take them back.

                            [email protected]
                            17 March 2001,