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Sectarian Violence in Pakistan

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    Sectarian Violence in Pakistan

    When will it end? Yesterday 3 gunmen (Today’s Dawn) killed 9 people who were praying in a Mosque in Lahore. The mosque is said to belong to the group that calls itself Sipah-e-Sahaba. SeS is a group of ultra orthodox Sunni Muslims who believe that Shias are not the true followers of Islam, hence equating them with Kuffar (non-believers). Over 300 people have been killed within the past year between Sipahe-e-Sahaba and the opposing Shia groups. This is totally sad and it should not be tolerated. One thing that the government can do is to start at the roots by introducing religious tolerance from a very young age (i.e., in primary grades in public schools – in addition, mosques should be required to teach tolerance and accepting of opposing sects and faiths). To control these factions with force (as the General is hinting at doing) will achieve no fruit as the hatred that runs among these parties is beyond repair. Only a generation that is free from hatred and prejudice can bring the nation back on track.

    There is another thread on this topic opened by Naeem, but in this thread, let’s discuss what steps can be taken to prevent horrors like this to occur again.

    The first step that needs to be taken is to diagnose the problem. Is it really sectarian violence, as it is always conveniently branded? maybe so, but not entirely. People have always blamed such incidences entirely on sectarianism, which leads them away from other possible reasons. One glaring reason is politics. Another reason is cross border terrorism.

    Factions have routinely used Islam to place themselves on a high pedestal, and hence grab an unauthorized license to do anything they want. And our dear friends from across the border do have a huge hand in the funding and training of such factions whose sole purpose is to stain the image of Islam in the world by indulging in such acts.

    What can we do to stop this? I agree, education and tolerance taught at an early age does good. However, the people that are already involved in such heinous acts are beyond reformation, and I agree with the stern stance the the General promises to take. However, we need results before we can endorse any form of reformation.

    I personally believe these shia sunni barfights have .00001% to do with Islam.

    As for shopenhaars posts, it makes as much sense as does a roll of dough.


      I agree with NYA that taking on these groups with force is not an easy option. These people are prepared to fight any odds and there is a massive danger of civil war as shown by this violence following the execution of a Sipah member.

      There has to be a cut off point though. Sunni/Shia trouble started shortly after the Kashmir dispute escalated, so RAW sponsored mercenaries obviously play their part. But at the same time, these groups have to be prepared to distance themselves from these acts otherwise they are in danger of fomenting the situation.


        NY Bhai jaan,
        This is called..Tajahl e aarifana...
        Two Nation theory had the seeds to grow into current situation.
        Message that differences cant be tolerated leads to the logical conclusion of elimination , by force if need be..of anyone who isnt just like me...and no two ppl are just like each other...even one person isnt the same all the time...
        If the basic ideology of Pakistan is changed today , in due time we will be able to eliminate happenings like that..There is no other way..


          oye balle balle....NYAhmadi, hayaa, Roman, naik aao yaro laddoo vanDo....Nova zinda ay.
          vadhaiye hovay sir ji...asiN te tuhada challiswaN manaun di soch rahe si. changa hoyea time sir aa gaye o