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Terrorist confesses execution of four blasts

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    Terrorist confesses execution of four blasts


    Terrorist confesses execution of four blasts

    LAHORE, March 9: A sensitive security agency, in a major breakthrough on Friday apprehended
    Indian espionage organization Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) trained terrorist, who confessed
    having carried out four bomb blasts at various locations in the city in recent past using ready-made
    time devices provided by the Indian intelligence agency.

    According to details, Yousaf alias Jhuppa, a resident of Kasur District started his carrier as a smuggler
    of Indian liquor. In the process he was spotted, lured, recruited and trained by RAW for execution of
    terrorist activities in Punjab especially Lahore.

    As per Yousaf's confession he was lured in by RAW, indoctrinated and trained at training camp close
    to Khem Karan and was subsequently taken to Delhi for practical training and handling of explosive

    During his training he was trained in handling ready-made explosive devices, reconnaissance and
    selection of targets for bomb blasts, techniques of carriage, techniques of planting bombs and
    extrication from the site. His RAW trainers were two officers by the names of "Sindhu Sahib" and
    "Radoo Sahib" ( Probably both using the cover names).

    Yousaf also met a senior RAW officer at Delhi whose name he does not remember. During the last
    stage of his training he was given live demonstration of bombs. When his RAW handlers were satisfied
    with his training, he was provided with two ready made time devices and infiltrated back through
    Kasur border. He was given Rs. 2000 for expenditures and promised prize money on completion of
    assigned mission.

    His mission was to create widespread panic through bomb blasts at public places.

    Yousaf was explicitly told that number of people injured or dead would be directly proportional to the
    money he would get. As instructed he dug a hole at a deserted place, hid the bombs there and
    resumed his usual routine.

    During July 2000, he decided to use first bomb at Badami Bagh General Bus Stand, Lahore. On July
    7, 2000, he came to Lahore via public transport and brought a bomb with him. On his way to Badami
    Bagh Bus Stand he set a time of 45 minutes on the bomb.

    He was keeping the bomb (packed in a black shopper's bag) under his shirt placed towards the right
    in the "Azarband" of his "Shalwar". He entered from the rear entrance into a bus destined for
    Sargodha and while climbing the bus he took out the bomb, kept it in his right hand and placed it on
    the floor.

    He then slid that shopping bag with his leg under the rear seats of the bus and quickly dismounted from
    it. The conductor of the bus asked him that why was he going back? On which he replied that he had
    boarded the wrong bus. He then immediately left the place and straightaway went back to Kasur.

    Next morning he learnt through newspapers about success of his mission as one person had died and
    15 injured in the blast. He also used to buy Urdu and English newspapers and kept them for taking
    along during his next trip to India.

    Towards the end of August, 2000 he crossed over to India again, showed newspaper coverage of the
    bomb blast to Radoo Sahib, who was not satisfied with his performance and asked him, as to why
    had he not exploded the other bomb too and said he will get payment only after more explosion.
    Yousaf assured him that he would comply with the instructions and will do as directed.

    Radoo then handed him over two more bombs and after staying the night there he came back to
    Pakistan and again put the bombs at his established cachet.

    As per directions Yousaf exploded two bombs simultaneously on Nov. 27, 2000. He came to Lahore
    in a van and dropped at busiest Badami Bagh Bus Stand, bought bananas and took a black shopping
    bag to put the peels into that. He then placed the bombs into different shopping bags.

    Since the security was tightened at the bus stand and the conductors of the buses/vans were searching
    the passengers entering the busses/vans, he decided to throw the bombs under the vehicles rather than
    placing them inside them. At noon he set 45 minutes and 1 hour and 15 minutes time on both the
    bombs respectively and went towards a footpath.

    The vehicles were lined up as per their turn and the passengers were boarding them. He stood near a
    flying coach Registration Number LPT-6297 destined for Burewala and parked at Stand No 4. While
    pretending to scratch his foot he dropped the shopping bag and pushed it with his foot under the

    In this blast seven individuals got injured (one sustained serious injuries in the lower parts of his body).
    He then went to Stand No 7 and repeated the same procedure. The bomb exploded under the coach
    (Registration No. LHP 0085) which also damaged another coach (Registration No. PRK-1805).
    Police and district administration officials had arrived at the scene of incident by this time. In this blast
    eight persons were injured.

    He immediately left the place and returned to Kasur. After the accomplishment of his assigned mission,
    Yousaf once again crossed over to India using his old route. He was warmly greeted and was paid Rs.

    What do you guys think??
    The dawn has covered it - for me this means that the story is around 80% truthful.


    [This message has been edited by CM (edited March 10, 2001).]
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!

    CM, unfortunately there are more people like this guy. And traitors and murders like him should be subject to the full force of the Pakistani law. No mercy must be shown to those who betray the nation in this way and murder innocents on behalf of foreign agencies.


      You on a posting spree or something??
      You haven't been around for a couple of days and then you start bloc posting - congrats on the 6000.
      Yeah there are many more, and there will be many more in the future.
      But atleast we can catching some of them.
      I would personally feel alot happier with the police if it was given joint training exercises with the military.
      If that were to happen, people would be really scared of the police, not like now where a police guy gets beat up in abbotabad because he is wearing a police uniform.
      And maybe then there would be respect for law and order.
      But the main point is that the police needs to be toughened up in image and reality, and the budget should be increased, or maybe combined with the military one.

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        Most people in Pakistan are aware of the activities of India's RAW agents, and with strife in their own community because of ethnic hatred caused by the Government and it's several offshoot parties like RSS and VHP we can expect further efforts to stoke up tension in Pakistan.

        Hopefully this RAW stooge will be flogged in public and in front of the cameras so people can be made aware of what is going on.


          Hopefully this RAW stooge will be flogged in public and in front of the cameras so people can be made aware of what is going on.

          And any other punishement that traitors of the nation are supposed to get according to the law. These sort of people should receive no mercy whatsoever!