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Democracy Is Disbelief

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    Democracy Is Disbelief

    Democracy Is Disbelief

    Although most Muslims are no longer under the direct political control of the Western colonial powers, many, including some scholars, have been influenced by the ideology of their former occupiers. One of the capitalist concepts most commonly held by these Muslims is that of democracy.


    Democracy means a lot more than just elections or consultation. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as: "Government by the people; that form of government in which the sovereign power resides in the people as a whole, and is exercised either directly by them (as in the small republics of antiquity) or by officers elected by them." 'Lord' Hailsham, in his book 'The Dilemma of Democracy', says that the only proper use of the term is in respect of 'popular sovereignty and nothing else...Sovereignty can reside in an individual, a selected number of citizens or the whole adult population. Only the last named can be properly called a democracy'.


    Sovereignty means supreme power. Popular sovereignty, which is the essence of democracy, exists when the people as a whole have the final say on everything, and are the ultimate reference point for legislation and the constitution. In practice, democratic states, commonly known as republics, have elected parliaments that pass laws by majority.

    This contrasts sharply with the Islamic concept of sovereignty. Muslims are not allowed to run their affairs any way they please, but have to rule according to what Allah has revealed. So, for example, the people cannot decide by majority to make interest (riba) lawful or prohibit jihad. Thus, sovereignty resides with Allah (SWT) and His Shari'ah.

    "No guardian have they apart from Him, since He allots to no one a share in His rule." [Al-Kahf:26]

    "Whosoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such are disbelievers." [5:47]

    "O you who believe! Obey Allah, obey the Messenger of Allah and those in authority amongst you; and if you have a dispute concerning any matter, refer it to Allah and the Messenger if you are (in truth) believers in Allah and the Last Day." [4:59]


    Some Muslims compare the Islamic system of ruling with democracy, and claim that they are essentially the same thing. They argue that since in Islam it is the people that choose the ruler, and because there is shura (consultation), therefore Islam equals democracy.

    As mentioned above, democracy does not only refer to elections, but even if it is used in this sense to describe the Islamic system, it is not allowed. This is because it is prohibited to use words that have a meaning contradicting Islam to describe it. More important, though, is the thinking that leads to the idea of 'Islamic democracy'. It appears to come from an acceptance of democracy as the standard by which the system revealed by Allah should be judged, and an attempt to match Islam with it. This is often done as an apologetic reply to those who describe the Khilafah, the Islamic ruling system, as a dictatorial, and the answer is given in such a way as to please the opponent.

    Furthermore, analysis of the concept of an 'Islamic democratic system' reveals that it consists of an elected legislative assembly, no different from the parliaments found in Western democracies. It is this kind of erroneous thinking that has lead some to describe republics like Iran, Pakistan and Sudan as 'Islamic'.


    It is clear form the above that democracy is a system of disbelief. We must realise that there is no comparison between the system revealed by the Creator and imperfect man-made systems. The Khilafah ruling system should be accepted as it is; a unique political structure that is neither dictatorial nor democratic. What is required is to liberate ourselves from intellectual slavery to the West and to accept only Islam as the reference point for solving our problems and running our affairs.


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