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The Financial Times Survey : Pakistan 2001 - On the right track ?

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    The Financial Times Survey : Pakistan 2001 - On the right track ?

    A really interesting in depth look at progress under Musharraf's regime since the booting out of democracy destryers Sharif and Benazir.

    Definitely signs that the Government is rolling up it's sleeves and taking on this task with both hands. Worth checking out.

    A good balanced survey of the achievements to date of General Musharraf’s government. What is quite clear is that this government is very much different from all the so-called democratic governments that came before it. Reading the whole survey one clearly sees how the CE is probably the most honest and sincere leader we have had in generations.

    The FT survey lauds his achievements in many area’s – the economy, attracting foreign investment, law and order, restraining jihadi groups and clean government. For instance it talks about:-

     The government has thus embarked on a military-style exercise to "document" the black economy. This has already increased revenue and broadened the tax base, but is taking a long time to feed through.

     To further convince investors and creditors that reform is sustainable, the government moved quickly to settle damaging rows over electricity tariffs with foreign investors in the power industry and it has relaunched privatisation to sell off the bulk of the public sector

    The interior minister, Gen Moinuddin Haider, last month banned these groups from carrying weapons in public and started reining in their more muscular fund-raising activities.

     Gen Musharraf also says he is going ahead with a year-old plan to broaden the Koranic curriculum of the madrasas to loosen the grip of the Islamists

     General Musharraf's regime wins credit for the relative improvement in the quality of government at the top levels. Unlike in the past, there are no controversies so far driven by allegations of corruption among senior government leaders