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Do they do what they preach?!!

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    Do they do what they preach?!!

    The following story is not true just for Pakistan. The communists of India and a section of VHP and RSS also fall in the same group.

    A glaring contradiction

    In the Friday congregation all over the country on Feb 23, the maulvis, through a fatwa were busy announcing a ban on US products, for its part in imposing UN sanctions on Afghanistan. The US congressmen were busy distributing US products among Afghan refugees in camps near Peshawar. The enthusiasm of the Afghans to receive the maximum share of the US products was so great that the security staff of the camps had to resort to a mild lathi charge to ensure smooth distribution of the American goods.

    On the other hand, most maulvis in mosques had used loudspeakers to announce the fatwa, left the mosques in motor cars, tucking their mobile phones in their pockets: all these three gadgets were the invention of their erstwhile enemy, the US. The maulvis only meant that the Pakistanis should boycott American products like Coca Cola, fast food which these maulvis have never had in their lives nor have developed a taste for them. There is a vast difference between what our maulvis say and what they do.



    yeah we have a few on this forum declaring western media, cable, tv and technology evil while using the Internet and keyboard.


      pakistani maulvis are basically
      pathetic creatures.

      hungry for power and living under the
      illusion that they have "popular
      public support"; which they dont
      have and Insha Allah would never have
      in future.
      I'm cold seed, I'm your sweetest leaf
      I'll ease your mind, I'll set you free