what is the reason behind high rate of drug addiction. is it due to ban on alcohol.
is it good to ban alcohl. or is it due to cheap opium from afghanistan. people think
quoran bans only alcohol they can use drugs instead?

Drug addiction highest in Pakistan: INCB

By our correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Opium and heroin addiction rates in Pakistan are among the
highest in the world, reveals the annual International Narcotics Control
Board (INCB) report released here on Wednesday. According to the
World Drug Report 2000 of the United Nations Drug Control Programme
released earlier this year, Pakistan is one of the countries hardest hit by
narcotics abuse in the world.

According to the national drug abuse surveys, the number of chronic
abusers of heroin increased from about 20,000 in 1980 to more than 1.5
million in the late 1990s. The results of a national survey suggest a total
number of chronic drug abusers just topping three million in 1993.

According to the Pakistan Narcotics Control Board officials, around 15
million people are affected indirectly by the abuse of drug in the country.
A main theme of the INCB's report is the widespread and increase
overuse, particularly in developed countries, of controlled drugs to treat
psychological problems caused by social pressures.

The board cautions that excessive availability of controlled drugs can
easily lead to the development of new patterns of drug abuse. The INCB
also expresses concern that Internet is fast becoming a growing source
of online trafficking where online drug stores and pharmacies illegally
provide prescription of drugs. The report says: "With an estimated 600
million Internet users at present and considering further increase in the
near future, the problem is likely to increase rather than to decrease."

INCB Chairman Dil Jan Khan, responding to questions of reporters at the
report launching ceremony, said all the heroin labs in Pakistan were
destroyed or shifted to Afghanistan. It was the main reason that
Pakistan became a zero drug production country, he said.

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