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Freedom of Press in Pakistan

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    Freedom of Press in Pakistan

    What exactly is the problem here?

    a) is it that the press does NOT have freedom?
    b) is it that the press DOES NOT USE its freedom?

    I have come to believe that the press in Pakistan is just lazy at times. Day in day out I see news reports in major Pakistani newspapers lined with foreign news more than local. And even the local news are outsourced from foreign papers, news agencies, or TV stations. Why on earth cant they send out their reporters and get the stories for themselves? Surely it doesnt take much to interview a minister, the CE, the president. Heck, Ive never seen the president do anything.....why not just interview him...ask a couple of questions and get some firsthand info! But after news contains the familiar line...."According to AFP...", or "In todays NY Times.....", or "the BBC correspondent said..".

    Nuclear arms security worries CIA

    This story that appeared in the Friday edition apparently seemed to be a harmless article. But on closer scrutiny, it turned out to be one outsourced from "India Abroad", an english weekly, written and printed out of New York, USA, by the local Indian media.

    Why does a reputable newspaper such as Dawn feel the need to outsource stories from tabloid papers written and compiled by indian expatriates in the USA, who clearly have ulterior motives towards Pakistan, and will never tell the truth? First of all, "India Abroad" is not a credible source, to say the least. Secondly, I am sure Dawn has enough reporters, and authentic first hand sources to be able to authenticate a story for themselves, and get interviews on their own in order to certify whether a certain piece of information is correct or not. It doesnt make sense to the common man that a indian newspaper produced and run out of a small office in New York, USA would have more access to the locations of Pakistan's nuclear apparatus than would a leading Pakistani newspaper, based in Pakistan, supposedly with access to all quarters of society. Even the insertion of CIA does not make it a credible story.

    We have heard plenty of such fake stories over the course of time, and the only thing they do is provide a quick boost to paper sales. Other than that, these stories serve no purpose, and a few days after publication, the matter dies out. The public does not bother, and the media keeps it quiet. Why? Dont we deserve first hand knowledge of what our government is up to? The current government has accorded more freedom to the press than we have seen in any democratic regimes. Then why do our newspapers have to approach foreign, biased and propagandistic tabloids in order to fill their pages?

    I think our reporters are just plain lazy!

    I wonder if the above story confirmed with the Government of Pakistan.

    I agree with Akif, I found it very annoying
    myself whenever I read a news like above.
    I am sure there are many Pakistani papers
    with enough resouces to get CORRECT news on
    their own. But for some reasons, they just
    get news from outside & biased souces like
    BBC (I call it Bharat Broadcasting
    Corp, or Biased Broadcasting Corp).
    I think they're not only lazy, but also do
    not know how much problem an incorrect news
    can create for people or a country, or to
    country's image outside.

    -May God bless the Land of Pure- PAKISTAN
    There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the end the sword will always be conquered by the spirit. --Napoleon Bonaparte