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General Musharraf scores a point - thanks to India.

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    General Musharraf scores a point - thanks to India.

    If as the Indians are claiming our CE has been scoring diplomatic points arising out of the Gujarat tragedy, then the ones to blame are the Indian's themselves!

    Musharraf scores a point

    PAKISTAN Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf caused a political coup of sorts by ringing up Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee on Friday. The ostensible objective was to convey through the Prime Minister to the people of Gujarat his country’s sympathy and promise of help to the victims of the earthquake. But the political advantage he derived out of the five-minute conversation should be measured against the immense global goodwill which Mr Vajpayee had earned for India through the “ceasefire diplomacy” in Kashmir. It would be foolhardy to deny General Musharraf the diplomatic point which the Gujarat tragedy has helped him earn. Of course, the bumbling Indian bureaucracy made a normal humanitarian gesture from Pakistan look like a potential earthquake. Had the offer of aid for the Gujarat victims, by a cash-strapped Pakistan, been accepted by the high profile babus in South Block with the grace associated with such gestures, General Musharraf would at least have been denied the opportunity to convert it into an embarrassing controversy.

    Instead, some full-of-himself bureaucrat reportedly refused the offer of help, mistakenly believing that it would earn him a nod of approval from the Prime Minister. The thoughtless Indian response provided General Musharraf the perfect opening to earn some brownie points, for the spurned humanitarian gesture, from the global community. He promptly informed the media that “I did offer help but their [India’s] response was a little unfortunate. They said that they had plenty at home. They thanked us”. The General may have given the unhappy episode a deliberate twist to convey to the global community the impression that India was refusing help from Islamic Pakistan. Of course, such an impression would have been the exact opposite of the emerging reality from the debris of quake-devastated region. The tragedy has at least had the welcome effect of bringing out the best of human values among members of different religious denominations in the Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled state.

    The countless tales of Muslims helping Hindus, and vice versa, could very easily be turned into the subject of a bestseller. It is amazing and heart-warming that the devastation made members of the two communities forget the communal tensions which some unhappy incidents in the recent past had created. And similar must have been the impulse of the people of Pakistan which was reflected in the official decision to send humanitarian aid to the devastated region in Gujarat. The mishandling of the offer was unfortunate. Instead of blaming the media for “causing confusion” the Prime Minister should give a bit of his mind to the bureaucrats who thought they would earn his respect by sticking to the post-Kargil stand of keeping diplomatic ties with Pakistan to the bare minimum. It was the result of this policy that a scheduled cricket tour of Pakistan was cancelled. Now the General is having the last laugh.

    He has managed a full five minutes of conversation with Mr Vajpayee, the first by him since he toppled Mr Nawaz Sharif in a bloodless coup in October, 1999. Making India regret having refused help from Pakistan was like a professional boxer softening up the rival.

    The announcement that India and Pakistan will play in a fund-raising one-day series, along with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, from February 8 is the knock-out punch.

    General Musharraf deserves full marks for making skilful use of the Gujarat tragedy to show his proficiency in global diplomacy as also for forcing India to soften its post-Kargil stand towards Pakistan.

    Be that as it may, as far as the people of the two countries are concerned it matters little whether it is the Lahore Process or General Musharraf’s five-minute conversation on phone with Mr Vajpayee which results in the resumption of dialogue between the two sides. Both Mr Vajpayee and General Musharraf should strive to earn the gratitude of the entire world by gifting lasting peace to the people of the sub-continent. All they need to do is rise above petty prejudices to give the unfolding Gujarat tragedy an unexpected but historically memorable ending.

    Their ignorance is our bliss. They just cannot face t/ fact that Pakistan can actually help in sincerity. Afterall, how else will they promote Paki paranoia?


      Excerpt from Malik’s post:

      “The countless tales of Muslims helping Hindus, and vice versa, could very easily be turned into the subject of a bestseller. It is amazing and heart-warming that the devastation made members of the two communities forget the communal tensions which some unhappy incidents in the recent past had created. “

      Even a disaster has a silver lining. It’s wonderful to see that two otherwise polarized communities harbor warm feelings for each other. If more natural disasters are needed to wash away the feelings of mistrust and hatred, it may be a small price to pay in the long run. Remember, the effects of natural disasters last at most a decade but those of communal hatred for millenniums.

      Hindus and Muslims should take this opportunity to extend a hand of friendship to one another or pray for more disasters to shake away, wash away, or burn away the hatred.


        the General was a moron to offer the indians help.they dont deserve a penny of support from the hard earned money of the people of Pakistan.the indians dont seem to mind using our blankets,food etc but they seem to have a problem with diplomatic relations,sports musharaff deserves to get his ass kicked for sending our hard earned items to india.



          I want mussharaf to not fail!

          I always felt that Musharaff has been
          shunned & kept in shadow by international; media & good old boys club.Regardless of his martial background,what Pakistan needed was not a highly ceremonial presidency which has become an olympic like media bonanza every 4 years.I mean it didnt matter if dyslexic bush or Stiff fallen democrat Al gore became president but it was VERY VERY important for Pakistan that it didnt get a bafoon general to be mocked for all things that it didnt deserved mocked for.
          Yes Pour' life gives some chance to make right any mistake just as it provides hidden oppertunity,if missed the whole generation or country may suffer because of it.Thats why it is said doa & do what ever you can by yourself ,but 'AQL' that lighting of bulb at the right time & moment is a gift from god.Who so ever is blessed to cease that opertunity is like Shakespeae put it "there is a tides in the affairs of human being which when taken leads to bigger & greater things if not then domed to sink by it"
          May allah bless every one to see that & avail themselves of that wisdom,insight &vision for the sake of all the followers.


          "The greatest trick that the devil played was to convince that he doesn't exist"movie-Usual Suspect