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Vajpayee expresses gratitude to Pakistan.

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    Vajpayee expresses gratitude to Pakistan.

    Contrary to some discordant voices on both sides of the border, India and Pakistan have come together and worked side by side in Gujarat to alleviate the sufferings of the earthquake tragedy. The rulers of Pakistan and India have both adopted a mature and statesman-like attitude to this calamity, and have consequently built trust between each other.

    However small in consideration to the wider regional picture this achievement must be welcomed


    Vajpayee expresses gratitude to Pakistan

    EXPRESSING GRATITUDE to Pakistan for extending relief to earthquake-hit Gujarat, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee today said he would speak to military ruler Pervez Musharraf on telephone and apprise him of the situation in the state.

    "I will speak to Musharraf on phone and inform him of the magnitude of the devastation," Vajpayee told reporters here after releasing a weekly Hindi and Urdu journal Secular Qayadat.

    To a question if he would use the opportunity to discuss other issues with Musharraf, Vajpayee said "it is at the time of distress that people come together and share grief".

    This will be the first ever contact between Vajpayee and Musharraf after the October 12, 1999 military coup in Pakistan.

    Asked about the possibility of resumption of the stalled Indo-Pak dialogue, he said India has made it clear that the talks could start only after a conducive atmosphere was created in Jammu and Kashmir.

    "We have always favoured talks for which the right atmosphere has to be created. Violence, killings and terrorism must stop and the climate should be such that fruitful and meaningful parleys can take place," the Prime Minister said.

    He termed as baseless media reports that New Delhi had refused aid from Islamabad for the quake victims saying "I am very happy that Pakistan is sending relief material. More relief is expected from that country".


    Well...its a good thing yes. This earthquake, while devastating to hundreds of thousands of people in Gujarat, could be a blessing in disguise for Indo-Pak relations. However, if this opportunity is not used properly, its a mere waste of time.

    The fact of the matter is, Pakistan would have offered aid regardless. And India would have accepted it, regardless. And Musharraf would have expressed his grief, regardless, and Vajpayee would have expressed his gratitude, regardless. Bottom line, all these actions were pretty much foreseeable. However, it is upto both sides to make good use of this opportunity where they are able to tolerate each other for a while.

    The cricket teams of both countries are said to be coming forward to have a cricket series to benefit the victims of this disaster. If that can happen, I am sure the political agendas can be altered to accomodate a healthy and fruit bearing solution to the Kashmir problem. If they dont use this God-given opportunity properly, then they are really tossing away a golden opportunity.


      After the earthquakes in Greece and Turkey there was a considerable thawing of relations between the long term rivals. So indeed there is hope for Pakistan and India.

      Let's hope so...


        In a letter to the editor of NYTimes, a Pakistani suggested that the Armed personnel of both countries (India and Pak) should visit the devastated areas to get a flavor of what a nuclear war between the two nations may result into. I think that was an excellent suggestion.