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Saudi Arabia offers investment

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    Saudi Arabia offers investment

    Saudi Arabia has is offering a substantial economic and investment package to Pakistan on top of existing commitments. Another example of Pakistanís expanding ties with the Islamic world since Mushsrraf came to power?


    Saudi Arabia offers investment

    By Rauf Klasra

    ISLAMABAD, Jan 28: Saudi Arabia has offered a substantial economic and investment package to Pakistan, it is learnt. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sent a five-page document carrying details of its proposed investment in Pakistan. The offer may involve other countries as well.

    The Kingdom has informed Islamabad that the matter would be finalized at the Joint Ministerial Commission meeting scheduled for Jan 30, according to official documents available with Dawn.

    To enhance economic cooperation, Saudi Arabia has expressed readiness to exchange trade and commercial data, reciprocate visits of business delegations, diversify trade cooperation, strengthen the role of Saudi-Pak Joint Business Council, organize joint trade exhibitions, avoid the imposition of extra customs duty on the products of the two countries and establish direct contact between the customs authorities of the two countries to improve the export and import process.

    Emphasizing the need for strengthening banking links, the Saudi government has said that the two countries should benefit from various programmes offered by the Islamic Development Bank to its member states in order to develop trade. It said the two countries could also cooperate in the energy sector.

    Saudi Arabia has also shown interest in getting its officials trained in Pakistan in various fields.

    The Kingdom desires to increase medical seats for its nationals in Pakistan medical colleges. It has sought a piece of land in Islamabad's diplomatic enclave to open a school. The Kingdom wants the recognition of academic certificates and degrees of each other's country.

    It has agreed to recruit specialized women having good knowledge of English in its physiotherapy and pathology departments. The Kingdom has also desired developing cooperation in programmes involving youths and sports unions as well as between information officials and journalists.


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    This is truly excellent news.
    I would wait to see the exact proposal first, before passing any comment.
    But since the CE came to power our ties with the ME have become stronger.
    And Excellent FP by the people in power.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Yeah read about it in the Dawn....the CE is definitly promoting foriegn investment in Pakistan.
      By putting up IT and military trade exhibitions, he is definitly trying his best to put Pakistan back on the track.

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        Very good news, I am very glad.

        Hey, can CE run in the next elections. I hope he does. He needs TIME to make things better for Pakistan.

        May Allah help us all make Pakistan better and make us able to see Pakistan on the good right track in our life time. Ameen.

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          Good news indeed! By getting rid of Nawaz the CE has indeed strenghtened our relations with Saudi Arabia. We now have the chance to build even closer relations with the Gulf states and the Muslim world. The CE's 'look west' is bearing fruit as he continues to be welcomed in country after country.


            More on the PAK-SAUDI links:-


            Pak-Saudi JMC inaugurated

            ISLAMABAD: The sixth session of the Pak-Saudi Joint Ministerial Commission was inaugurated in Riyadh on Tuesday for the promotion of bilateral and economic relations between the two brotherly countries.

            Saudi Minister of Commerce Osama bin Jaafar bin Ibrahim Faqeeh in his inaugural speech warmly welcomed the Pakistani delegation and expressed his hope that the JMC session would produce fruitful results.

            He also said that relationship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia has always been deep-rooted, abiding and most brotherly. There was thus need to upgrade the economic cooperation to the excellent political bilateral relations that so happily exist between the two countries.

            Saudi minister further noted that the prospects of economic collaboration between the two countries were very encouraging as the economics of both countries had undertaken vital measures for diversification, privatization and expanding the role of private sectors.

            He added that Saudi businessmen were keen to undertake joint ventures and other mutually beneficial projects with Pakistani entrepreneurs. In this context Osama bin Faqeeh underlined that the Joint Business Council set up in September 2000 between the chambers of commerce of the two countries would provide excellent opportunities for useful commercial exchanges.

            He hoped that the 6th session of Pak-Saudi JMC would lead to further strengthening and promotion of economic ties between the two countries. Pakistan's Minister for Finance Shaukat Aziz in his remarks paid rich tributes to the dynamic leadership of Khadim Al-Sharif King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, First Deputy Premier and Head of the National Guard.

            The head of the Pakistani delegation added that adoption of joint economic strategies amongst the brotherly Muslim countries was the need of the time. By adopting new such joint strategies the economies of the Muslim countries would grow in strength. As far relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Shaukat Aziz added that the establishment of the joint commission in 1974 was an amble manifestation of the keen desire which was obvious from both sides to strengthen and promote economic cooperation.

            He hoped the deliberations of the 6th session would open up further avenues of economic collaboration. After the inauguration, the two delegations split into four sub-committees for detailed deliberations on their specific agendas. Both sides have expressed hope that the deliberations of the Joint Ministerial Commission would lead to new vistas in bilateral economic collaboration.


              Would I be considered a militant and against t/ so called Democracy if I asked t/ CE to stay longer than his orinally promised 3 yrs? Heck who cares!

              Getting t/ future of Pakistan should be our TOP priority. I've just about had it w/ t/ so called democratically elected good for nothing sobs'. Didn't give a damn about Pakistan xcept filling thr own bank accts w/ USA & Europe to support them. Atleast this guy is actually doing sumthing positive 4 a chnage!